Forbes Announces 50 Blockchain Companies! “Corporate equity” is also Important for Future Crypto Asset Investment!

It is said that Jeff Bezos of Amazon won the first place for two consecutive years, with a leading ranking announced in March 2019. The amount of assets held is what exceeds 14 trillion yen…
By the way, it is the economic paper “Forbes (Forbes)” familiar with such a leader number, but announced an interesting rating on April 16, 2019. That’s the 50 blockchain companies that we will talk about this time.
Companies that introduce blockchains and try to create new innovations are often seen in the news lately. The number of companies is actually more than you imagined, and it will continue to increase-. That is visible from the Forbes rating.
If you are an investor focusing on the future of crypto assets, why not consider the “shares” of companies that introduce such blockchains? We can also expect that investment efficiency will dramatically increase as a result of synergy with cryptographic assets.

Forbes Launches 50 Blockchain Companies!

Blockchain is a technology that is closely related to cryptographic assets, but the companies that introduce it continue to dominate nowadays.
Finally, in April 2019, the Forbes, the leading American economic magazine, published 50 blockchain companies. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that major US economic leaders are also expecting a large aftermath of future blockchains.
Speaking of Forbes, I am familiar with the publication of “Ranking form” such as asset leader numbering, but of course, we are also ranking this block chain introduction company. Basically, it applies to companies whose market capitalization exceeds $ 1 billion (about ¥ 112 billion), or whose income reaches that amount.
(Reference:Forbes, 2019/4/16, Blockchain 50: Billion Dollar Babies)
So, what kind of company has ranked in? There are many companies familiar in Japan, so some excerpts are introduced below.
Company name Blockchain name used
・ Hyper leisure
Ethereum (from the second half of 2019) CitiGroup
・ Ethereum

Facebook will announce Facebook coin
・ Bitcoin
・ Ethereum
・ Bitcoin cash
・ Ethereum Classic etc. IBM
・ IBM block chain
・ Hyper leisure
・ Sovrin Intel
・ Korda
Hyper leisure JP Morgan
Quorum Mastercard
Own platform
・ Microsoft
・ Parity
・ Korda etc

・Oracle blockchain platform

・Hyper Leisure


・Hyper Leisure

Try to incorporate “shares” into the portfolio for diversified investment of cryptographic assets

You can see that some of the world’s famous companies are turning their eyes on the blockchain. In particular, we are aiming to target specific cryptographic assets (such as Bitcoin) such as Amazon and IBM. If such a large company starts to use cryptographic assets, that currency will be the focus of attention and value may rise.
On the other hand, it is good to invest paying attention to the value of such cryptographic assets alone, but it is also interesting to try to buy the “shares” of such blockchain companies.
The more you expect from the blockchain, the better the overall market capitalization of cryptographic assets should increase. Then, there is no wonder if the stock prices of companies using blockchains are rising at the same time.
From here, we are picking up several companies from the blockchain implementation companies we mentioned earlier. Using blockchains may have a positive effect on stock prices, so let’s talk about the current situation of each stock and how to use blockchains in the future.


The Amazon blockchain use case is as follows.
・Hyper leisure
・Ethereum (from the second half of 2019)
Amazon aims to manage and analyze huge amounts of transaction data and customer data collected on the online site using blockchains. Such data management system is called “Amazon Managed Blockchain”, and it is possible to easily link the data stored in the blockchain with the information stored in other platforms.
This is made possible by using the Ethereum platform, and we plan to start full-scale production in the latter half of 2019.


Here is an example of using Facebook’s blockchain:
・ Facebook coin will be announced
At Facebook, we plan to use blockchains to create unique cryptographic assets from SNS. With regard to the issuance of such unique currencies, Mitsubishi UFJ and SBI Holdings have already been developing in Japan as well, and this will be a global trend.
Also, like Amazon, Facebook is a platform with a huge amount of customer data. By storing such data and information on the block chain, users can easily access each information while realizing a security system that is virtually impossible to tamper with.


The IBM blockchain use case is as follows.
・IBM blockchain
・Hyper Ledger
The area in which IBM leverages the blockchain and focuses on it is the “trade business.” In the current trade business, many customs brokers and shipping companies are likely to mix information, making it more prone to human error and information exchange bribery.
Therefore, by receiving information related to such practices in the blockchain, not only digitization of business but also relevant persons will be able to easily access necessary data. Since each piece of information is distributed and stored on the equipment of network participants, it is extremely difficult to falsify the data.


The Oracle blockchain usage example is as follows.
・ Oracle blockchain platform
Oracle wants to use blockchains for customer management. By storing the vast amount of customer data held by the company on a block chain, it can be said as a new supply chain management form that contributes to improving the efficiency of product delivery, ensuring transparency, and improving customer satisfaction.
We are also actively leveraging crypto assets, and we plan to offer a new payment platform through our clients and banks and financial institutions.


Companies that introduce blockchains still have many IT systems. In particular, there are many companies that want to move the vast amounts of data accumulated so far into blockchains for more efficient and safer management and analysis.
In this way, blockchains tend to focus on “data management,” but by storing customer information etc. on the chain, eventually it also develops into the value of improving customer satisfaction. It will be.
If you can use the blockchain to develop services and products that customers can use more easily, the stock price of the company should be positively affected. From now on, let’s look at the destination of the blockchain, not only the cryptographic assets, but also the stocks of related companies.