Introducing Crowdfunding Projects that are Gaining Popularity as “Cryptographic Assets” | Target Price exceeds 500%!

Crowdfunding projects that draw attention to cryptographic assets are also increasing. Some projects have been very successful, over 500% of the target amount.

If you are investing in crowdfunding, this is also a good investment, as there is a solid return. Along with businesses that develop services and products, crypto asset investors are gradually becoming aware of the fun of crowdfunding as they have the fun of achieving future success.

This time, we will introduce some of the projects that have received particular attention among such cryptographic asset-related projects.

Popular crowdfunding deals on the theme of cryptographic assets

With the theme of cryptographic assets, there has been an increase in the number of projects that collect a large amount of investment even in crowdfunding.

Speaking of crypto assets, you can think of investing money directly into Bitcoin and Ethereum popular currencies, but the method of investing “indirectly” through crowdfunding is also a hot topic.
This time, let’s look at the project of cryptographic assets that attracts particular attention. Some have already exceeded the target amount several times, and you may receive an unexpected return.

A board game to learn while playing cryptographic assets “THE virtual currency”
Makuake is a leading crowdfunding representative of Japan, with a cumulative total of the highest in Japan. The average procured amount of the project is over 2 million yen, and it has grown into a platform where many businesses and investors gather.
That is Makuake, but the project of cryptographic assets is also gaining popularity.
In this “THE virtual currency” case, we are developing a board game that allows you to learn while playing with trading of cryptographic assets. We will buy 6 kinds of tokens in the game, and use various cards to obstruct the opponent and advance the game with the goal of becoming a “career”.
If you invest in this project, you can receive one board game as a return, and you can also participate in talk events and trial events if the amount is large.
The original goal was to raise 300,000 yen, but the project finally succeeded with five times as much as 1.5 million yen.

I would like to officially release a service to eliminate tax trouble caused by cryptographic asset transactions!

[ CAMPFIRE: Automatically calculate tax on crypto assets G-tax ]

CAMPFIRE (campfire) is also classified as a major service in crowdfunding. The total number of projects exceeds 20,000, and the total support amount is 11.2 billion yen, which is the top class in Japan (as of April 25, 2019).
Unfortunately, the G-tax project released on CAMPFIRE did not reach the target amount, but it attracted much attention as it received more than 5 million yen in support funds.
G-tax is an accounting software that is very useful for investors, which automatically calculates the tax incurred in encryption asset trading. As the number of transactions of a cryptographic asset increases, the calculation to calculate its tax becomes more complicated. However, if you enter the necessary information in G-tax, it will automatically calculate the correct tax amount.
As a return to investors, invitations to private salons and meetups were prepared from discounts on G-tax selling prices.

A calculation tool for tax return of cryptographic assets “Tax account manager & email support”

[CAMPFIRE: Tax account manager’s finalization support tool for crypto asset certification report]
Cryptographic asset trading is a mechanism that generates taxes not only by buying and selling, but also by purchasing products that use cryptographic assets and exchanging cryptographic assets. Due to the complexity of the taxation system compared to other investment products, many people will ask a tax accountant for tax calculations.
However, it is not uncommon for compensation to tax accountants to cost between 50,000 yen and 100,000 yen, which may put pressure on the profit of the cryptographic assets obtained.
Therefore, CAMPFIRE has released a software development project that can easily calculate the income of cryptographic assets. By using this software, you can receive specialized services from tax supervision to e-mail support, so you can make a tax return at a lower cost than asking tax advisors directly.
The return to investors is mainly the discount on the selling price of software. However, for investors who have invested more than ¥ 100,000, attractive returns are provided, such as providing consulting services for new businesses and web marketing.
The original target amount was 300,000 yen, but the project was a great success, with six times as much as 1.8 million yen.

How can I participate in cryptographic asset-based crowdfunding?

To participate in cryptographic asset crowdfunding, first find a specific service site. Especially large sites such as Makuake and CAMPFIRE introduced this time have a large number of business operators and investors, and there is an advantage that the project can be completed easily (if the target amount of the project is not reached, no return will be obtained due to failure).
Then, I will tell in detail below how to participate in the crowdfunding.

Flow to join crowdfunding

The way to join crowdfunding as an investor is really easy. The procedure is as follows, and the point that anyone can easily join is the great attraction of crowdfunding.

Step (1): Register on the crowdfunding site
Step (2): Select your favorite from the project list page
Step (3): Confirm conditions such as return
Step (4): Select the desired one from multiple returns
Step (5): Deposit
Step (6): Watch until the end of the project

Crowdfunding is also a good investment!

When investing in a particular project with crowdfunding, the return is important. Basically, returns are given to investors (except when the project is successful), except for donation-type crowdfunding.
For example, in the case of a project that develops new products or services, the investors are often distributed those products free of charge. In addition, in the case of a movie publishing project, a return to invitation to a screening party or credit at the end roll (entering the name of the investor) is generally considered.
Unlike basic transactions of cryptographic assets, while crowdfunding does not allow you to receive cash as cash, it is also true that you can enjoy new products and services with specific companies and business owners. .

Also pay attention to

return and target amount!

You will only receive returns if the project is successful. Success means reaching the target amount set by the business in advance. In other words, the less popular projects are less likely to reach the target price, the less likely they are to receive returns.
When determining the popularity of a project, it may be helpful to have a rich and attractive return, or to include key words such as cryptographic assets. The target amount is constantly updated, so projects that have already significantly exceeded the amount will almost certainly receive returns.


Cryptographic asset related projects are likely to increase further in the future. In some cases, creative products and services that use blockchains may also be developed with funding using such crowdfunding.
Investors can participate even from funds of around several thousand yen. Also, even if a project fails without reaching the target amount, all the invested amount is often returned. In this sense, it can be said that the investment hurdles are extremely low.
If you are interested in investing in crypto assets, why not pay attention to such crowdfunding?