Cryptocurrency Trader Speaks, How to Maximize Profits with XEX

Beginning November 25th, CROSS exchange has posted all the sales boards for XEX tokens. So, in this article, pay attention to the distribution and reduction of XEX tokens and I will explain how to maximize profit using XEX.

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Features of XEX tokens

The XEX token is a unique token issued by CROSS exchange, not a mining system by PoW or PoS, but when a user trades, XEX tokens corresponding to the amount of the fee will be newly issued and returned to the user. This is a trade mining system that is widely adopted in recent exchanges. Cryptocurrency equivalent to 80% of the fees collected by CROSS exchange will be returned back to users according to the amount of XEX held. In other words, users of CROSS exchange benefit from being able to obtain two items, “reduction of trade fees” and “allocation of fee income from the exchange” by mining XEX.


How XEX trade mining works

When a user trades on CROSS exchange, XEX tokens equivalent to or more than the transaction fee will be returned to the user. As a precaution, this trade mining is effective for all trades, but the XEX token that is reduced is aggregated hourly instead of in real time and given to each user.

Formula for trade mining

Quantity of XEX mined by trade mining = (Qi × Pi ÷ PXEX) × α
Qi: Amount of fees paid (standard value)
Pi: Payment price
PXEX: Price paid by XEX at payment of fee
α: Return rate of users

Structure of trade fee distribution
s mentioned above, CROSS exchange distributes daily commission income to all XEX holders. In that case, the payout ratio will change according to the number of XEX possessed by each user.
Formula for calculation of user dividends
Dividend = Platform Revenue × (Number of XEX Holdings by User / Total Issued Amount of XEX)

I will explain how to maximize the benefit of CROSS exchange using these features.

How to Maximize Profits with XEX

Automatic mining plans are separately “Mining 0, 30, 60, 90” with different return rates and locked rates changing depending on the type of each XEX plan. The numerical part of “Mining XX” represents the lockup period, and in the case of “Mining 90,” the return rate as the fee is the maximum 130%. The locked tokens cannot be used for trading for a certain period of time, but the dividend is also correspondingly higher, so it is best for those who want to invest in XEX long term.

In the end, you set how much you want to lock into automatic mining and click “Start Mining” to start automatic mining.

XEX obtained this way is accumulated in your dashboard within CROSS exchange.

purchase XEX

Also, now all boards of CROSS exchange are released and XEX tokens can be purchased at CROSS exchange. For users looking for efficient income upon opening of the exchange, in order to actively target the dividends of XEX, it is recommended to increase your XEX by using the “automatic mining” function to maximize profits.