What is an Exchanges Token? Comparison and Prospects of Unique Coins

What is an Exchange Token?

Some exchanges in the cryptocurrency market issue their own cryptocurrency.
The exchange token has advantages such as the value rising depending on the users of the exchange and the fees being discounted.

Major exchange tokens

There are various exchange tokens, but this time I would like to introduce five exchange tokens with a lot of transaction volume.

BNB(Binance Coin)

BNB (Binance Coin) is a unique token issued by Binance which boasts the world’s largest trading volume. It is based on Ethereum and the token price has increased nearly 200 times since its ICO. If you own BNB in ​​Binance, you can receive preferential treatment such as commission discounts (50% OFF) and voting rights of new listing currencies. There are also 20% repurchase and referral (introduction bonus) every quarter.

BNB chart

HT(Huobi Token)

HT is a unique token issued by Hong Kong based crypto currency exchange Huobi. Transaction fees are maximum 50% OFF, and there are benefits such as air drops. There are also 20% repurchase and referral (introduction bonus) every quarter similar to BNB.


OKB(OKB Token)

OKB is a unique coin issued by OKEx. A major characteristic of OKB is that there is a dividend. 50% of the fee income of OKEx will be distributed to OKB holders. Transactions in OKB have no fees.


BIX(Bibox Token)

BIX is a unique token issued by Bibox. Although Bibox was founded in November 2017, it deals with currencies that are not found in Binance, and it is a fast-growing exchange now. BIX has characteristics such as fee discounts, dividends, voting rights of new currencies, buybacks, referrals, and exchange tokens. As the size of the exchange increases, the price will increase as well.



QASH is a unique token based on Ethereum issued by QUOINE Inc. which operates the Japanese exchange “QUOINEX.” There are fee discounts and referral benefits. It is also used on the financial platform LIQUID, in which the ICO raised more than 11 billion Yen.


The future of exchanges tokens

As you can see from the charts, exchange tokens cannot only receive preferential treatment but also profit from rising prices. I would like you to pay attention to the unique tokens of exchanges you often use and exchanges with promising potential.

Points on why prices increase

Here are the five features of why exchange tokens are prone to price rises:
* The size of the exchange is large
* There are referrals (introduction bonus)
* There are commission discounts
* Users receive dividends
* There are buybacks (burning of tokens)

Currently interesting ICO

Up to this point, I have introduced key exchange tokens, but I will also introduce tokens that are currently attracting attention:


CROSS is a project building a value exchange platform, realizing the transfer of value, recording, and exchange by tokens. XCR, the CROSS token, can be used for discounted fee on the Cross platform, value tools, payments, and is the key currency at for the Value Exchange Market, IGuild. Currently they are doing pre-sale (as of July 22nd, 2018) and are exhibiting at various cryptocurrency forums.

CROSS▶What is the aim of the cryptocurrency project “CROSS,” which the world is paying attention to, thorough research!