What is Cryptocurrency TRON? Intro to its Features

What is TRON

TRON is a crypto asset that was created to increase the value of the entertainment industry. They are aiming for a platform that can upload entertainment elements such as movies and games on the net by utilizing their crypto asset called TRON. Currently, YouTube occupies the market of video, but TRON aims to create a platform that can do the same thing not only for videos but also for music and games more simply.
With YouTube, an advertising agency intermediates between creators and customers, and it is a mechanism whereby creators’ profits are generated. Also, creators have to pay the channel fee directly to the platform they use. TRON is trying to solve this problem by enabling delivery of digital content entertainment through the use of blockchain and distributed storage technology. This allows creators to directly earn profits without paying channel fees.
TRON has launched in 2017 and its currency unit is TRX. A nonprofit development team called TRON Foundation supports it.

Features of TRON

10-year Road Map

TRON has publicly announced they will have 6 stages of updates that will take 10 years to complete. After 10 years they plan to establish an online gaming platform as well. The roadmap includes the stages “Exodus,” “Odyssey,” “Great Voyage,” “Apollo,” “Star Trek,” and “Eternity,” with the Eternity stage planned to be complete in September 2027. Many criticisms say “10 years is too long” with this road map. Since the cryptocurrency asset industry moves very rapidly, the crypto asset industry’s existence in 10 years is not guaranteed. However, if this roadmap is realized, any entertainment will be freely uploaded by TRON alone.

Already partnered with network services

As a crypto asset related to entertainment, they already have partnerships with several entertainment services. There are three services currently affiliated with TRON: “Peiwo”, “Obike,” and “Baofeng.com.” Peiwo is a music streaming service in China, with over 10 million members. As there are many users, it is a service that seems to contribute to the increase in the name recognition of TRON.

Obike is a bicycle sharing service born in Singapore, and it is a rather rare service.

Baofeng.com is a video streaming service in China. With more than 200 million users, it is known as the Chinese version of Netflix.

They have already announced partnerships with these services, and are already gradually making updates.

TRON’s management team is full of All-stars

There are many Chinese engineers with promising futures on the TRON development team. Some engineers worked formerly at Alibaba, and they are all excellent team members. There also have a partnership with a company called “BITMAIN,” which is a large Chinese mining company headed by Jihan Woo. Hence, there are many people who are expecting big things from TRON in the future.

Submitted application to Japan Financial Services Agency

To handle crypto assets in Japan, one must submit an application form to the Financial Services Agency of Japan, but we have heard that TRON developer Justin has already submitted it. Even now, the examination continues, but it still may take time for TRON to close the deal in putting its tokens on Japanese exchanges. We do not know which exchanges TRON will be listed on, so we will avoid guessing on that front.

Major cryptocurrency exchanges to trade TRON


Planned Listing
CROSS exchange

Official information of TRON

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