What is BAT (Basic Attention Token)? Introduce its features

BAT (Basic Attention Token) is a cryptographic asset handled in the next generation web browser “brave”. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, this project is supported by many as “the future of advertising on the Internet.”

Basic information

Currency Name: Basic Attention Token
Tickercode: BAT
Token type: ERC20
Total issue number 15000000

Official site: https://basicattentiontoken.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/attentiontoken
White paper: https://basicattentiontoken.org/BasicAttentionTokenWhitePaper-4.pdf

[Source: coinmarketCap ]

[Source: coinmarketCap ]

How is Brave different from traditional web browsers? In the current Internet browser, when searching for something or visiting a target site, many advertisements are displayed. In most cases, this ad isn’t the information you need right now, and the ad’s presence also makes the content itself less visible. You also need power consumption and data capacity each time you display an advertisement that you do not need. You have to pay the platform a brokerage fee that isn’t cheap for the advertisers.
With Brave, you can hide advertisements to those who do not need them, reducing stress, power consumption and data capacity.

How does BAT (Basic Attention Token) work?

BAT (Basic Attention Token) is used in the above “Brave”. Although I mentioned a little about the demerit of the ad itself in the above, I think that there are a certain number of people who do not feel the ad as a demerit. Therefore, “Brave” introduced a system that allows you to display advertisements and use a web page to pay BAT as a reward. Also, BAT will be paid as a reward to good site producers.
I think you have understood how the reward works, but will it come from Brave in the first place? The answer is no. After all we collect rewards from advertisers. Although the collection function does not seem to be implemented yet, it will be implemented by a smart contract that allows advertisers and site producers to place advertisements directly on the blockchain in the future. Until now, advertisers do not have to pay the amount that platforms such as google have collected for brokerage fees, and they can decide on site management and direct advertising fees. In addition, site creators can generate high-quality content as a condition for higher value advertising fees, so users, advertisers, and site creators will all be satisfied with their ecosystem.

Although it is said, the development of “Brave” is still to come

【CoinMarketCap in Chrome】

【Coin marketcap in Brave】
Actually I tried using “Brave” also by the author, but from the user’s point of view I think that development is from now on. Certainly the absence of the ad is very easy to see the site, but the app Store’s reputation was not good enough.


Project token BAT (Basic Attention Token), which might overturn the common sense of the Internet so far, can ride on the wave of the 4th industrial revolution, and that many innovative producers will come out using such a new service I would like to expect.