What is Cryptocurrency Liberty (LES)? Intro to its features

Liberty is a project that aims for a free organization operation, and development was started by Liberty Ecosystem Laboratory LLC and ETA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. With this token, it is possible to realize a public distributed platform.
Liberty is said to protect freedom of individuals, communities and countries, and is opposed to threat against freedom in two areas. One is government that restricts the freedom of individuals and groups in the country, and the second is a state with dictatorship like China and Russia.
Liberty has already partnered with OmniSparx, a crypto asset services company, to enable content sharing, token incentives, money management, and more within the community. It seems that ICO plans to raise funds through collaboration with local companies as a future plan.

About Liberty

Liberty is a platform where you can advance projects while communicating with countries, companies and investors. The platform based on the Liberty Token (LES) allows entrepreneurs to issue tokens for their projects. This makes it easy to raise funds and dividends and profits can also be made through tokens.


We can support PR activities for investors who have invested in a project for participating companies and countries. It encourages the establishment of think tanks to study and analyze appropriate policies and programs. This enables users to create Liberty-based media content and gather many use cases.

Community management

Within the platform, investors and companies can communicate using various communication tools (email, Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Within that community, you control who is the key, message prioritization, and more.
Investors can also recommend projects and get the right to participate in the polls. Topics include funding assignments and priorities. Voting weight is determined from the following three methods:

  • Do you have tokens
  • Token holdings
  • The above two combinations

Claim of rights

Countries and companies can collect tokens from investors and other companies for projects. On the other hand, the members who have invested can pass tokens in the platform and invest in new projects. There seems to be an incentive for companies that have spread Liberty.

You can use the Liberty tokens to buy and sell products and services and support project promotion.


Financing and dividends
On the platform, companies and entrepreneurs can issue their own tokens and raise funds. You can also distribute dividends and stake tokens to investors who have invested money.

About fees

At Liberty, participating companies and minors will receive a fee for the project. Each fee depends on the project.

Data analysis

Data such as token transaction status will be provided to community administrators.


They are looking into partnerships with major financial institutions and will be able to offer assets according to the token volume.

What is Liberty targeting?

The crypto asset market has grown from $17 billion in 2017 to $217 billion in 2018. However, this industry is still developing. The Liberty Ecosystem aims to reinvent the existing business model and create a new business model. The first project to try to accomplish this is Liberty.
Liberty can build social, political, cultural and political institutions. There was no project that could build these up to now. Existing financing methods will be centered on the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. The World Bank is not a public decentralized institution, nor does it seek to create an open market for other existing institutions as well.
Under such circumstances, Liberty is trying to connect companies in a distributed platform to build a strong network.

What is the use case with Liberty

Five use cases are presented in the Liberty Ecosystem white paper. Here are some of the use cases for investment over time.


Over the past decade, the Sri Lankan government has borrowed a large amount of Chinese capital to develop infrastructure. The funded port was opened in 2011 but did not gain much traffic. This does not allow the government to generate a budget for repayment to China. In December 2017, the Government of Sri Lanka signed a 99 year refund plan with China for these debts.
In order to improve this situation, Liberty could possibly be used. This system allows the Sri Lankan government to realize more transparent and practical transactions. First of all, Liberty would be able to manage the community. For example, partnerships between companies and unions allow them to develop flexible services such as accepting larger ships in the harbor. Next, because it uses a blockchain system that uses the Liberty token, you can use a technology called smart contracts. Smart contracts allow for efficient distribution of dividends to investors and interest rates to LES token owners.


Wowoo also has a relationship with the American Conservative Union?

With Liberty’s goal of integrating government and blockchain, it has been announced that it has adopted the Wowoo platform in conjunction with the American Conservative Union (ACU).

Wowoo’s SAC (Smart Active Control) system seems to be used for this Ecosystem. SAC is a mechanism for designing new tokens on the platform, and users can freely define the token features for each project. This system will enable the management of projects within Liberty.

Major cryptocurrency exchanges that Liberty token will be traded

CROSS exchange

Official information

Liberty White Paper
http: //www.libertyecosystem. com

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Official Facebook
https://www.facebook.com / pages / category / Political-Organization / Liberty-Ecosystem-248916135972818 /

Official Wowoo blog
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