What is Cryptographic Asset (Virtual Currency) Chronocoin (CRN)? Intro to its Features and Prospects!!

“What kind of cryptocurrency is Chronocoin?”

“How is Chronopoint used?”

“I want to know the characteristics of Chronocoin (Chrono Point)!”

Do you have any of the above questions or concerns?

Cryptographic asset Chronocoin (CRN) has been attracting attention as a service that will revolutionize the way of conventional point services, and has succeeded in raising a large amount of funds in the past.

Therefore, there may be some who are considered to invest in those who are interested in Chronocoin.

However, investing without knowing anything about Chronocoin is risky.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the outline and features of Chronocoin for beginners in an easy-to-understand manner.


What is Chronocoin (CRN)?

Chronocoin (CRN) is a cryptographic asset developed by TimeInnovation Ltd. (Time Innovation Pte. Ltd.) based in Singapore, aims to realize a service that “replaces time with points” awarding.

Specifically, points are given to the user according to the use time such as waiting time when using a restaurant, amusement park, parking lot of a large shopping mall, stay time in a specific area, etc. Is a mechanism that allows you to use accumulated points for service discounts.

As an example, if a couple who comes to the zoo is going back to their home and they know that they can get points by waiting 10 minutes, they may go visit a nearby store or places of no interest.

By providing such a service that utilizes time, it is possible to measure the maximization of purchasing opportunities.

The prospect of Chronocoin is to sell 100 million Chronocoin in one day when Chronocoin carries out an IEO on crypto asset exchange CoinBene in March 2019. It is also supported by the fact that:

※ The original name of Chronocoin was TimeCoin (Timecoin), but the currency named “TimeCoin (TMC)” was on the market, so in order to avoid confusion, it rebranded to “Cronocoin” in 2019.


Characteristics of Chrono Coin

The following three features of Chrono Coin are as follows:

・ User can utilize the granted points

・ Stores can acquire new customers

・ Chronopoint is redistributed

I will explain these in order below.


Users can use granted points

The points granted by Chronocoin (CRN) can be used as a discount for products in partner stores and exchange them for products, while points can be used to pay for 1 point = 1 Yen.

As a result, users will be able to select stores that can earn Chrono Points.

The two main points currently granted are “Points according to purchase price” such as T points and Rakuten points and “Points according to travel distance” such as miles.

And, in addition to that, Chrono Point is going to reward “points according to time.”

When traveling to distant places in Japan, Shinkansen and airplanes are the main means of transportation, but many people use only airplanes. The reason is that miles are accumulated.

A mechanism to issue miles according to the travel distance has been devised, not the purchase price, and has been able to increase the number of air passengers.

Chronopoint can be accumulated by waiting time for parking space or waiting time for restaurant space, so the boring time for the user turns into time to increase points.


Merits to be introduced by stores

There is a merit to introduce Chrono Points to stores.

The first is the acquisition of new customers. If a user uses a store for the purpose of earning points, it will be differentiated from other stores.

In addition, there is a possibility that the mechanism for exchanging points with one product of the shop and the user who likes the shop will be a repeater.

Second, depending on the store, you can extend the stay time of the customers who came to the store.


There is data that users who spend a long time staying spend a large amount of money, and using them in aquariums, zoos, supermarkets, etc., increases the possibility that users will buy products such as souvenirs and snacks.

The third is to collect customer stay time, behavior history, purchase price, etc. from data managed by smartphone, and it can be used for marketing.

However, since there are not many stores that can utilize such purchasing data successfully, the first and second major benefits will be the main advantage of the stores.


Chrono Point Redistribution

In order to add value to Chronocoin, Chronocoin has createed a mechanism to redistribute more Chrono Points as the user has more Chronocoin.

The currency to be redistributed is the points that have expired without being used before the expiration date.

The reinstatement rate to the holders of Chronocoin may also increase, as the points that are expired as the Chronopoint penetrates the market will increase at the same time.


Major Cryptographic Exchanges to buy and sell Chronocoin?


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・Chronocoin aims to realize a service that “replaces time with points.”

・Users can earn points by stay time or wait time at a store, and can use them for discounts and exchange them for products.

・Stores can target new customers and increase stay time.

I explained the outline and features of Chronocoin that conducted an IEO. Were you able to understand it?

If you are thinking about investing in Chronocoin, which is attracting attention as a new points service, why not consider purchasing with this opportunity?