What is Cryptographic Asset (Virtual Currency) Waves? Intro to its Features and Prospects!!

“What kind of cryptocurrency is Waves?”

“Tell me the characteristics of Waves.”

“Is it really true that Mr. Tsubasa Yozawa is also invested in Waves?”

Do you have the above questions or concerns?

Cryptographic assets (virtual currency) Waves is a popular currency that has become a hot topic on the Internet due to its feature-rich features and the fact that Mr. Tsubasa Yozawa bought it.

Therefore, this article will introduce the outline and features for those who are concerned about Waves.


What is Waves?

Cryptographic asset Waves employs a platform called the “Waves Platform” allowing individual users to issue their own tokens.

In addition, Waves has functions such as a DEX (Decentralized Exchange), and also handles cryptographic assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as legal currencies such as the USD and EUR.

Furthermore, not only the operation of the exchange, but also Waves is the key currency, and using the function called “Waves NG”, it achieves high-speed money transfer that is many times faster than Bitcoin.

Put it simply, it has three features: “DEX (Distributed Exchange)”, “Issuing Your Own Token”, and “Fast Remittance”, and these features are attracting attention from users.

Waves is a cryptographic asset that ranks 36th in market capitalization as of May 29, 2019. The price dropped to approximately 109 Yen at the end of November 2018, but the price gradually recovered and it is currently around 298 Yen.

I got 565,510 coins of the virtual currency called WAVES today.

It is equivalent to ¥ 161.27 million ($1,472,118) at the moment.

It is a high risk investment that is likely to melt, but let’s try it because it is also interesting to predict whether the soaring of major coins will calm down going forward.

This is a video recording of possessioning.

Good Luck! pic.twitter.com/OPXVGj4SWQ

— Tsubasa Yozama (@tsubasa_yozawa) 5/16/2019

Tsubasa Yozawa, who has made the right investment in Ripple (XRP) in 2017, has also posted Waves purchases on Twitter.

If I sell, I will point to this trend. That’s what I do to fix my neck.

Because it has risen first among all cryptos.

This momentum is best left unchecked. pic.twitter.com/BODA4Ng6Z9

— Tsubasa Yozawa (@tsubasa_yozawa) 5/24/2019


Characteristics of Waves

Waves has the following three features:

・Role of the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) as a key currency

・Can issue unique tokens

・Realization of high-speed payments by Waves NG

I will explain these below.


Key currency of DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

Waves has integrated its own DEX into a Waves dedicated wallet.

As a result, there is no need to bother sending money from the wallet to the exchange, and you can manage the private key on your own, so you can manage assets with high security.

In addition, the Waves DEX can use the gateway function to handle legal currency dollars and Euros, Bitcoins among crypto assets, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, and Litecoin.

A gateway is a feature that allows you to freely trade encrypted assets that have the same value as the money deposited in the wallet.

In other words, it enables not only trading pairs based on Waves but also trading in a wide range of pairs such as “Whoppercoin and Bitcoin” and “Whoppercoin and the Euro”.


Issue your own token

Waves Platform can issue its own token.

It is said that more than 20,000 cryptographic assets (cryptocurrencies) have been issued by Waves Platform, and they are widely used, from large-scale ICOs to projects aimed at small community use.

Also, the fee required to issue tokens is only 1 Waves and cheap. Therefore, individuals can easily issue tokens.

In the past, Burger King, a major fast food chain store, actually used the Waves Platform to issue the Whoppercoin as an alternative to points.


Fast Payments with Waves NG

Waves has realized processing of about 100 pieces of transaction information per second by introducing “Waves NG”.

In the case of Bitcoin, only about 6 to 7 transactions can be processed per second, while Waves can process about 100 transactions per second, so you can see how Waves is a fast at money transferring.

Also, the adoption of Waves NG is considered to reduce the possibility of remittance delays and errors in Waves.


Major Cryptographic Asset Exchanges to buy and sell Waves







Waves Official Information

Waves Official Website

Waves Official Twitter

Waves Official Facebook

Waves Whitepaper


Summary of Waves

・ Waves is a platform that can issue unique tokens, and also functions as a DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

・ Waves DEX can use many types of currencies such as legal currency and crypto assets by using the gateway function.

・ Implementing 100 transactions per second by introducing an algorithm called Waves NG.

We described the outline and features of cryptographic asset Waves, but could you refer to it?

Waves’ market capitalization ranking is 36th as of May 30, 2019, so there is a possibility that the price will be increase from now on.

Also, it is possible that many users will buy Waves in the future, just as the investor Tsubasa Yozawa just announced on Twitter.

If you haven’t bought Waves yet, why not look into this opportunity?