What is OMG of Cryptographic Asset? Introduce its features

Do you know Omise, which has established a certain position as a payment platform for Southeast Asia? Omise, which receives a lot of attention from various points such as the Japanese CEO and investment by many investment companies, has developed an OMG cryptographic asset that specializes in payments. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of OMG and the major exchanges that can be traded.

About OMG

OMG is a project conducted by Omise, a company with a payment platform for Southeast Asia, and is a cryptographic asset developed on the basis of Ethereum. A Japanese-based company with a Japanese presence, Jun Japanese Hasegawa, who has been introduced in Forbes Japan, is leading the project as CEO.
It was born for people in developing countries where it is difficult to have a bank account, with the aim of providing easy and high-security services that protect remittances to small relatives, make small payments, and save with a single mobile device.
As of April 18, 2019, Omise Go is ranked 28th in the market capitalization capitalization ranking.
The current price of OmiseGo is as follows.

OMG features
・ Cryptographic assets specialized for settlement
OMG is a cryptographic asset developed for payment purposes. To that end, we have developed our own blockchain, speeding up transactions and reducing fees. Although it has not been specified specifically how much trading can be made per second, OMG adopts Ethereum’s plasma design, and the transaction processing capacity per second has a speed exceeding 24,000 transactions per second of VISA. It is expected that there will be
With the wallet SDK provided by the company, anyone can easily create an OMG payment and receipt environment. OMG, a payment service company, has already partnered with Thai McDonald’s and government agencies. Currently, OMG seems to be unable to make payments yet, but may it be possible to make payments using OMG in the future.
・ We receive funding from many investment institutions
Omise Go receives funding from many investment institutions such as SBI Investment, SMBC, SMDV, 500 Startups, ascend Capital, etc. separately from cloud sales, and the total amount as of February 2019 is calculated based only on comprehensible parts It is about 5 billion yen.
Its main purpose is to expand Omise and Omise Go’s financial infrastructure and services, but since many investment companies are investing in it, not only their expectations but also the trust of the president and the company’s system is possible. I wonder if you have sex.
・ The developer of Ethereum is an adviser
The CEO of Omise Go tends to look at Japanese people, but in fact, Vitalik, who developed Ethereum as an adviser (Vitalik
Mr. Buterin) is in the list. Other than that, Ethereum-related engineers have joined as advisors, and it is important to note that you can trust on a technology basis.

Current status of OMG
By partnering with various clients such as governments, chain stores, and credit card companies, Omise Go is preparing to create an environment in which users can easily make payments using OMG. Besides that, we have opened a blockchain hub called Neutrino in Japan, and have created an environment where developers using blockchain technology can concentrate on discussions and development.
In addition, although a specific date has not been decided yet, we are looking forward to establishing our own decentralized exchange policy and integrating it with the payment platform.
Recently, it is relatively positive that there is also news that it succeeded in tokenizing and trading card points on the Plasma chain in a demonstration test with a Korean credit card company major Shinhan Card which was affiliated in April 2018. Impression that there is a lot of news.

Major Cryptographic Asset Exchanges that can buy and sell OMG

Huobi Global

OMG official information
OMG official site   https://omisego.network
OMG Official Twitter https://twitter.com/omise_go
OMG Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OmiseGO
OMG White Paper (Japanese)  https://cdn.omise.co/omg/JPNwhitepaper.pdf


OMG is one of the few proven crypto asset projects that has been focusing on crypto assets since 2015 and has made significant funding and partnerships with many companies. The payment platform provided by the parent Omise can already be used in various stores, and the future where OMG can be paid directly may not be far away.