[Interview] Good Luck 3 Mr. Hatamura-Part 3: Reasons to do Business in Japan

In the last interview, in Mr. Inoue of Good Luck 3 representative, I have a brief introduction about the RAKUN of chestnut Pu pig and game platform.

And what is RAKUN like? I asked Mr. Hatamura, the director of the company, for details.

In the third part, I asked why it is difficult to do business with cryptographic assets in Japan.

If you have not read Part 2, please read Part 2, ” What is the competitive advantage of RAKUN? “.

Good Luck 3-Mr. Hatamura

Reasons to do business in Japan concerning cryptographic assets in Japan

Hen: It looks like a platform like RAKUN doesn’t seem like quite well in Japan. That seems to be largely due to Japanese laws and regulations. Why do you actively work in Japan where business related to cryptographic assets is difficult?

Hatamura: It is my personal thought, but I think that the world center of the IT industry is now Silicon Valley and China. Japan is had worldwide quite hard in the mobile content but, although in lowered hit social game went out to the world market, was almost die in battle.

It is very laborious to reverse what once won the championship, and I believe that there is no other layer than the blockchain ✕ game that we can currentlyplay with our assets . Even if Japan can not win in this area, it is possible for it to become a people who will lose forever in the future, and there are places in Japan where we dare.

Hen: Mr. Yuji Akabane, who is famous for corporate business revival, also talks about something similar and says that if there is no attempt to introduce a block chain now, there will be no way to go where he was working on in a few years’ time It was done.

Hatamura: It seems that the model that wins one by one like a Silicon Valley company will soon be over, so it will be a model where everyone will win , so that the stakeholders will only be rewarded according to the contribution. think. I think that there is a point to be done here now to advance the model further.

I think it makes sense for us to be in Fukuoka, not Tokyo, so it can be done in a decentralized way like a blockchain.

How do you bring up the community?

Hen: I think that there is a tendency for the blockchain project not to get excited without involving the community. Do you have any ideas for fostering the community?

Hatamura: After all, I think that it means to increase transparency and communicate properly. In that sense, up until now, RAKUN has not yet been communicated to various people so far, but it is finally necessary to tell everyone firmly that services will launch in the future. I think it is kana. I think that it is a world that holds by careful care.

Hen: Who do you think will spread the service to when the service is completed and spread from now on?

Hatamura: First of all, I would like you to use all means to the user of the chestnut Pu pig. Then there is a mechanism to connect with various communities and APIs, so RAKU will spread more and more if you put it in your own community or web service where you want to use for a while As it will be shaped, I think it will be possible to enter RAKUN’s ecosystem from such places.

Speaking of misunderstanding, it does not matter if you are the first to get interested in, “Are you earning RAKU?”. There is no reason to encourage speculation, and people do not act first if there is no such incentive, and it is only necessary to feel that this may be interesting while acting. The first entry may be DApps other than our project, and I think that the RAKUN community will be expanded as the number of people entering it increases. I think it would be nice to be able to do it that way.

Hen: For blockchain projects, it seems like it is desirable for developers to join the community, but is that necessary for a project?

Hatamura: I’m glad if there are people who will develop together if possible.

As I mentioned earlier, RAKUN uses all Etheriam technology and has private and public parts. In the end we want to keep the private part open. There are places where the governance and mechanisms of the distributed organization have not been organized, so it is difficult, but I would like to try.

The system of rewards is more daring to be able to play around the system of rewards rather than deciding the mechanism by one company. Specifically, it is put in private and can be moved in a variable manner. I think that it is necessary to have the experience of putting in the wisdom of various people in the future and making a proper system.

If that makes it a solid system, I think it will be put on-chain.

RAKUN’s enthusiasm

Hen: Finally, please tell us about your future passion for RAKUN.

Hatamura: Man but is not Re word in the back, we will continue to put out into the world to make a product. Please use it when it comes out! It’s simply that (laughs)

<Here Mr. Inoue of the representative appeared next to Mr. Hatamura! >

Inoue: In general projects, we will develop and release white papers to raise funds. If we try to do that, the environment of ICO and IEO is not ready, but as we continue to develop products, we are ready to release products! I think “I have bones” quite (laughs)

I think that it is a rare project that has the reality from the beginning, so I would like you to agree. I would like to see you create this world together. It wasreally really hard to come here …

Hen: It is difficult to connect the funds. Thank you very much!

Official information about Good Luck 3

Good Luck 3 Company Page  https://www.gl-inc.jp/
Crip pig official page              https://www.crypt-oink.io/
Crypt-Oink Official Twitter  https://twitter.com/CryptOink_JP
RAKUN official page              https://www.gl-inc.jp/products/
RAKUN Official Twitter        https://twitter.com/RAKUNworld

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