【Interview】 Good Luck 3 Inoue-Part 3: Finding out Creating a Blockchain Game

The block chain game, which came into being in the second half of 2017, has become a hot topic among gamers who like new things as a game that allows players to exchange characters etc. Games using blockchains have also been released in Japan.
This time, with the representative of Good Luck 3 who develops and operates crypt-oink “, Kazuhisa Inoue and other game platforms to be newly released, Crypton and “RAKUN” I heard about
In the third part, I was moved to the difficulty of creating Japan’s first block chain game and the problems of the block chain game.
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The hard story of development

Hen: Have you struggled in the process of developing Japan’s first block chain game?
Inoue: What I struggled with in the development process was not enough to meet only the current industry customs and laws, and the new specification for using cryptocurrency and blockchains for games was based on the current law. It’s about creating it.
If you are in the industry, you need to think about how to play and experience what you do when the user has ownership, such as a character, to an idea that is not present in existing games. In addition, since the laws concerning the handling of virtual currency differ from country to country, it was the first experience to make the specifications of the game while checking the laws concerning the virtual currency and blockchain that has not been completely organized.
Well, it is hard, and it is said that it would be better to do it outside Japan. But originally, entertainment and games are the same, but creating within constraints is the true essence of creative.
Those who were making games at the beginning of the period created Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, etc. in a very small volume of bits.
Hen: Because it was an 8-bit machine, at first.
Inoue: That’s right. I think that it is great to produce RPG in the restriction of 8 bits. If we think so too and create a game within the constraints of Japanese law. I think that is the job of our creators.
Apart from the fact that you cannot do this because of this restriction, try to deliver something of value to the user within the restriction. Since the constraints themselves will change during this process, the history of the game is also true, and if constraints change, I think that it is better to evolve accordingly.
Hen: I think that the practice of the industry that came up just before would be our common sense, but it seems that it was hard to leave the framework there. How was that?
Inoue: There is a momentum now that companies are trying to work together to create a framework. We also released the idea of ​​creating a block chain game group at BCCC. There is a movement to create a new framework if the user is happy.
Besides, since blockchains are evolving globally, I think that there will be some delays if Japanese is the main subject. We also collect information to catch up with the cutting edge, but the CTO is helpful because it is French and good at English. I feel that it is quite different whether there is an engineer who can obtain primary information in English. It’s good because the accuracy of Google translation has been improved recently, but it’s still better than an engineer can speak English.

What I learned when I created a blockchain game

Hen: I think block chain games have many unknowns. Are there any issues that became apparent after releasing the game?
Inoue: There are two, to enhance UI / UX (user interface / user experience) as mature smartphone games and online games. For the user, they don’t care about blockchain constraints, they just want to enjoy it as a single entertainment.
Since it is not acceptable that it is inconvenient here because it is a block chain, it is necessary to bring to a UI / UX that you can easily download and play the current smartphone game, and focus on the renovation in 2-3 months it will be where you are.
The second one is that we need to create a game cycle firmly, and smartphone games and online games are mature and this is a royal road, but block chain games are in trial for each company. There are many places where other companies’ games can also be referenced, but it is necessary to create a game cycle that is our game, so it is best to do such a cycle while playing the game of the user or yourself. You are making it while improving every day.
Hen: Have you ever released a blockchain game and thought it would be better than the previous game?
Inoue: Is it the height of the heat? I feel the amount of heat of the user, and it is very detailed when I meet the user! When you combine this pig and this pig … and. Aren’t you a level designer? When. Maybe you’re deciding on the specifications (laughs) There are people who are familiar with that level.
Some people are like a pro breeder, and they have 2,000, but they know what it is best to combine with what.
Another thing I felt was that moving money and paying money was the heat of the person, but this is also data on the block chain, so if you ask, 1 when you do pre-sales at home 1 The average purchase price per person was about 40,000 yen.
40,000 yen is the same price as game consoles! As my experience, I think that the game console is bought while thinking that it is expensive, but one pig is buying two for 20,000 yen and there is an amount of heat to buy 2 pigs for 40,000 yen it was quite a surprise. I felt that it was a big innovation to be carved on the blockchain and become our own.
Hen: If this is a person who cannot understand Crypt-Oink, there is nothing other than madness! (Lol)
Inoue: That’s right (laughs) For example, isn’t that what you think of a wife who knew that his husband bought 2 pieces of chicken for 40,000 yen (laughs)?
It’s a story that you did not pay for half-baked heat, and you bought it because you had the heat to play seriously.
If you look at it, you can see that our creators are passionately creating races and the like every day to create a game that responds to that amount of heat. I’m trying to create something of a high level, so it’s quite difficult.

rape pig race
Since we are running a pig that has received 400 USD, it is necessary to provide an appropriate user experience and meet expectations. Then, it is often said, “Is it necessary to make the race so rich?”, But when it comes to responding to the value of 400USD, this is also natural.
Our creators are trying to make users enjoy the world of Crypt-Oink from the heart. Whether you think as a creator or as a business, it is natural for us to respond to the price paid by the user, so we will face it seriously.
Hen: It looks like the development hurdles go up.
Inoue: That’s right. However, as we were originally a company that spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing smartphone games, I think that having that experience is the best part.
Various block chain games are coming out, but the ability to provide a user experience equal to or better than smartphone games and online games is the biggest feature of Kuri-Pu, and it is spread to more users. For example, the number of people who play will increase, and the profit will be diverted to development and operation again, and with the user, it is possible to create a virtual world where pig becomes the most major animal (laugh)
Hen: I think there is a concern that the game will grow as you continue to meet user expectations. I think that the best example is a great work RPG. It is said that it costs more than 10 billion yen, but if you keep meeting your expectations, will the future of games that cost so much come out?
Inoue: Certainly there is bloating. I think that there is good and bad, but I think that the current situation continues because there is a return even if just put. If there is no return, it will stop there.
It’s not natural that only some game developers will bear the risk and return. I think that sharing the risk and return with developers and users and creating them together is one of the best things about blockchain games.
Hen: I see, that may be true.
Inoue: Perhaps there are developers and operators from users too. The most successful blockchain games will have many developers and operators out of the users. It is not just a framework of employees, but also a facilitator or a communicator. The reward may be good, such as Co-Ink (in-game currency) or a Crypt-Oink. So, we are also looking for enthusiastic developers and operators of Crypt-Oink! (Lol)

The blockchain game doesn’t look fun

Hen: Now the blockchain game looks like MyCryptoHeroes is popular when you look at the Twitter community. I see a tweet that a rare item has come out when viewed from the eyes of a third party, but when viewed from a third party, it does not seem to be interesting.
This is not limited to MyCryptoHeros, and it can be said in the block chain game in general that it seems to the third party that the user may not receive an experience that seems interesting from the user. What do you think?
Inoue: I understand this well! In fact, there is a secret plan…
People actually see more than people who play games, and we all know that there is fun to see.
I am the second son, but it was longer for me to see my brother playing a game like “Waily” or “Puyo” than I was doing. If you’re a second son, you are often watching the game played by your brother. It hasn’t changed since now, and our sons are watching the game the eldest son is playing sideways. The videos that are popular on YouTube right now are the games in real life. I’m looking forward to seeing e-sports too.
Because there is a kind of race, it is possible to offer fun to watch. In the last day’s Diamond Cup finals, six men, including three 100-ETH diamonds, won the tough qualifying session and held a live broadcast from 18:30 in the evening. Because they have won the pig, they have their own background, and are introduced to the people who are watching it. So, I feel completely nervous like Arima memorial (laughs)
Hen: The scale has suddenly increased (laughs)
Inoue: That’s right. Because there are 16 horses in the Arima Memorial. If you look at TV, you see millions of people. It is our responsibility, as it is largely unknown that races holding hands like a diamond cup are not known that the experience that seems to be interesting from the user is transmitted to the third party.
In the case of Crypt-Oink, I think that it was successful to choose the game genre of racing, and it has evolved into a game that can be enjoyed by watching. So, for example, we can say that everyone sees the celebrity pig fighting (laughs)

The competition for horse mackerel is horse racing!?

Hen: If you feel like listening to the story now, will the future rivalry of Crypt-Oink be horse racing?
Inoue: In a real world, isn’t horses more popular? Under normal thinking, creators will choose horses as their motif. Beyond that common sense, on the block chain, isn’t the most popular and interesting pig? (Laughs) We were manipulated by the pig god and chose the pig at the meeting. That’s why the pig is the hottest! The mission is to create such a world.
Since we have projected the real world completely, there is a question as to whether the virtual world is interesting. If you want to project the real completely, it is real and good! What It is important whether there is fun or romance there.
Of course there are people who want to play games that reproduce reality, and I think it would be better to create games that respond to them, but I think it would be interesting to do different things if you can do various things in the virtual world I think it’s worth it.
Hen: Crypt-Oink is an asset, and it is actually bought and sold, but when such a world comes, I wonder if the price will go up to a price, a close model may not be a competitive horse I think. If you look at it at hand now, the highest transaction price in 2016 seems to be 280 million yen.
Inoue: As the future of blockchain games, the price may eventually go that much (lol) when that happens, a turning point will come and I think that it approaches the singularity. I think that it is the fun of the block chain game where the user and the developer make a world view together. Just the other day, three 100 ton diamonds (about 1.8 million yen) were sold. One of them was bought by myself and participated in the diamond cup final selection, but it was completely defeated by the user of high heat value who bought diamond ton! It is 3 seconds difference. The degree of game play is different. I was very sorry because I was the first experience in my life to shop for 1.8 million yen (laughs)
Hen: First of all, it is over 100 million yen for 1 Crypt-Oink!
Inoue: There is a trading case in which one cat has over 10 million yen in CryptoKitties, and it is up to that point, so if you can see such a world, over 100 million yen is realistic.
I play Crypt-Oink as a user, and I am a pig that I am lovingly raising, so I don’t feel like selling it, but I can put it in the seeding. There’s a match, and if you set the price, other users will be able to breed ETH.
For example, if there is a pig bought at 1ETH and you don’t want to sell it, if you put it at 0.1ETH for seeding, a pig with the gene will be born if another person pays for the seeding fee It is not. Users can get genes without buying a pig. If so, the owner of the pig given out will receive the seeding fee.
The challenge from now on is the experience that pigs bought at 1ETH are active and sell at 3-5ETH, but it is a very effective way to earn with the seeding fee in front of that.
Hen: Is it really an asset that pigs produce assets? Isn’t it the right income people envy?
Inoue: Rather than buying and selling real estate, it may be easier and more profitable to rent for sale. First of all, you can get a rent, and if you sell it, you may be able to recover the amount you bought. That’s the great thing about things on a digital blockchain. This is not just data, but completely genetic information. I’m afraid, the pigs breeding on this block chain!
There are many things I have noticed while developing and operating  Crypt-Oink. The potential of these pigs is so great, with genetic information and wealth, they are becoming self-proliferating as if they were being manipulated by the pig god.

The next notice

What did you think?
In Part 4, I will talk about the difficulties in creating Japan’s first block chain game and the problems with block chain games.
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