[Interview] Good Luck 3 Inoue-Part 4: How to Break a Crypt-Oink? Introduction of RAKUN

The block chain game, which came into being in the second half of 2017, has become a hot topic among gamers who like new things as a game that allows players to exchange characters etc. Games using blockchains have also been released in Japan.

This time around Kazuhisa Inoue, who is a representative of Good Luck

3 who develops and operates “Crypt-Oink”, we have talked about “RAKUN”, a game platform to be released newly, with “Crypt-Oink”.

In the fourth part, we talked about the trading price of rip pig and the introduction of RAKUN.

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Good Luck 3 Inoue and Mr. Hatamura

What is the trading price of Crypto-Oink?

Hen: To make a fresh story, what is the maximum price of the trading price for pig and the price for trading pig?
Inoue: It is equivalent to 50,000 yen for the inter-user trading price. At that time it was about 3 ETH. Seeding is about 0.2 ETH. I also come in some ETH with the seeding fee, so it is easier for the seeding fee to enter sensuously. Both the buying side and the selling side are easy.
Hen: The price of that is not an extreme amount like CryptoKitties, but it’s a relatively calm price. When it comes to, it is still a long way to go until singularity.
Inoue: When it exceeds 100 million yen, the block chain will change to the natural world. Even 10 million yen is enough.
Hatamura: I have to clear the matter of law, but I can make something like a single landlord, and some people have made a loan to buy that right, or some people have made a loan with Decentraland. That’s amazing.
Hen: If you don’t know the blockchain, it’s just crazy.
Inoue: It’s almost impossible to make a difference from real. There is also an idea of making it possible to exchange it with real pig by making a full partnership with an actual pig farm, and we are considering it specifically. First of all, we will start with offering the original pork from Crypt-Oink for the race prizes! It feels like the block chain is evolving every day as the Internet has evolved self-proliferating, and it would be more convenient or fun to use like this while using it all together It feels like you are doing every day.
Hen: By the way, it’s a pig, so there is no end to life.
Inoue: There is no right now. If you had a lifetime, you would want a new pig. In the current setting, it is difficult to train over 10 years old. Because there is something like virtual space to decide the rule.
Therefore I think that the real world will be a reference when deciding the rules, and I think that it is better to make it to die or to stop it as it is the way of defining the world.

How do you involve users and industry in the blockchain?

Hen: I think block chain games will be a major hurdle for users if they have to register a wallet. Have you devised anything about that?
Inoue: We are promoting partnerships with wallet apps and exchanges. We are improving it daily to make it easier for users to use it. If the exchange and the wallet app are integrated, it will be easy to exchange legal currency and cryptocurrency, and the wallet itself will be managed by the exchange, so it will be very easy and we will try to create a valuable service for the user. Then I think that they are the key.
Hen: In the case of Japan, I think that there is a place where entertainment leads the way people start using cryptocurrencies. I think that you are a member of your career and billing business, so do you have any ideas for getting involved in various companies?
Inoue: I think it is important to be able to share the sense that “it looks interesting in the world.” I think that the sense is human, and it is a very famous story in the industry, so I didn’t talk much this time, but there is a movie called “Lady Player 1” and this is done well. A world view that combines virtual reality, AI, IoT, and blockchains, and you can do this in 2045 by evolving existing technologies.
The story of this story and the world where the Crypt-Oink I’ve talked about breeding on blockchains are completely connected. When I see such a story, I wonder if there is someone who agrees with me that I want to realize that vision. Maybe there are two, the first is to see Lady Player 1 like this world fun for you? How is it? When. I think it means that let’s create together if it is fun. What I’m doing as far as I can to reach that point as of 2019 is that when I see this Crypt-Oink, if it feels that it is creating a good first step together I think it will be talked about doing.
So, what kind of world do you want to create? I feel that it is best to talk about whether we can move the world forward.
Another point is that when you try to get financial capital involved, do you have any data or KPI at the moment, but what I emphasize and explain is the heat of each person is already reflected in the numbers. The amount of money purchased per capita, the amount of money that I have never seen in the game so far has been expelled, and that this amount of heat is amazing! When the heat is multiplied by the number of people, I tell you that a tremendous change will occur.

where will the Crypt-Oink break?

Hen: Is there a country that you are aiming to break as a game of Crypt-Oink?
Inoue: Both Hatamura and I have a long game industry, but I think they have a quick look at the character taste and there is no need for it. In short, I feel that some Europe and Asia, such as France and Finland, can do it.
This is pretty interesting, last year I took a pig and went to Finland and Estonia. The country that gave birth to Moomin, in Finland, has been a big deal. This is a pretty good picture. It’s so cute.
On the other hand, in Estonia, I’m telling me Sloppyly, and I have to change my design and I cannot sell it. Estonia and Finland are not the next country! But Estonia is strongly influenced by Russian culture.
Perhaps, Russia and Estonia are not good, but Finnish and European are good. In France, Japanese manga are often read, so I think that he may be able to get a good deal. Japan’s cartoon taste is also good in Asia, so I think there will be a market there. North America is still from now, but I think that I would like to see places that like Asian and European Japanese tastes.
Pokémon is a Japanese taste, but it is used all over the world, and some American-like people are selling well all over the world, so it is possible to extend beyond the critical point to the whole world by universal things beyond the taste. I want to go there.
Hen: If you look at the game by market size according to region, I think it is America or China, but I think that America likes casual games and may not gamble as well, but what do you think? Is it?
Inoue: I think gambling is high in heat, and I am not doing it now because, under the current law, if I do this in the cryptocurrency I will be caught in gambling. However, it is decided that it is more interesting to bet more than you race, and you will release the bet function using in-game currency. Since the in-game currency cannot be changed to legal currency, the game of betting on the in-game currency can expand the world of Crypt-Oink from the perspective that more people watch the game than those who play the game.
For example, the Japanese version is done by that, but the foreign version is managed by a company that is not ours, and I think that having a bet using cryptocurrency in a legal country is a viable option. However, since we have started from the recent development of Japan, we have decided to adhere to Japanese law and bet and gambling in the game currency.

Introduction to RAKUN

Hen: Please tell us about the RAKUN project that you are going to do with Good Luck 3.
Inoue: When I started this project with Hatamura, I was told that it would be strange that you would not leave as a good even if you played the game. We spend a lot of time playing games, and there are a lot of people giving happiness to people when communicating among users.
But it is strange that they are not totally reflected in the real world. The time it was playing in the game was evaluated as a good, or it would be nice if the one created in the game would be evaluated as a good. There is such a world, and it is possible to realize even one game, but I thought that it would be more accurate if it was prepared as a platform.
In fact, development of RAKUN had begun before developing a Crypt-Oink. First of all, you need to find out what kind of element you should have and a currency called token. But does it just spread? If it is said, no, no.
For example, there are people who actively provide game capture articles and information, which are evaluated in terms of user charisma, but they are not profitable.
I think that it is not so if people who are liked a lot or people who have a lot of comments pass the token properly, and the person who sends information is the only activity. People who are reading and commenting are also participating in the activities, so these people don’t pay tokens, they also give them tokens!
If everyone had a token, would this be true? The question comes out, but that activity is like mining. If the activities that write and read, comment, and like the articles of the game are in the same position as mining, the token economy will not hold. I’m thinking of adding such a function.
In other words, there are mechanisms for media incentives with tokens, games and avatars, and you can make dumps and trade. With such a platform, we can create the first step, the first version, of the world of Lady Player 1 that we want to realize in about 2020. It feels like it started under such a concept.

How do you want to relate to users?

Hen: In the case of block chain games, the percentage of users is still increasing, but what do you want users to do if they are from the developer side in order to boost RAKUN?
Inoue: I feel that the boundary between the creator and the user is vague. The user is said to be a user in the sense of the user, but I think that the name of the user itself is wrong.
This is because if you are a communicator and you are a communicator, the world will be happier if you are a communicator.
Hen: I feel that the world of cryptocurrency, unlike stocks, is great in that it combines the person who is investing and the person who uses the service. Furthermore, is it an image that a maker is added here?
Inoue: That’s right. I write it together and call it co-creation, but that’s what it feels like. I think in the world view that let’s create together. I wonder if there will be no more people who are users. The world in which everyone is a communicator and creator is the world in RAKUN.
So if it is our mission to get rid of users (laughs) there will be no users! Doesn’t having a user means having a provider? In a world where everyone is a creator, they are not just people.

How do you want the media to view you?

Hen: As media, how do you think that this niche game industry can be boosted, starting with Crypt-Oink?
Inoue: RAKUN has a media function, but in Crypt-Oink, we will make full use of that function. It is even more interesting to give tokens to capture articles, or to give tokens to comments and likes.
In fact, there is an idea of racing each media competition with Crypt-Oink. Though I think that it is the origin of the previous time, it is not interesting even if I explain hard about a Crypt-Oink and work on the explanation. Then, if the reporters bring up the Crypt-Oink together and take part in the race, the reporter will be able to understand about the Crypt-Oink at once! The reporter is too busy, I watch the PV of the Crypt-Oink and read an explanatory article, but the people who played are limited, let’s try first! It is that.
The most interesting article, I actually tried using Mercari! I think it is like. I tried using Mercari rather than Mercari’s business model! Is real and interesting for the reader, isn’t it?
In the same way, I tried out for the Crypt-Oink race! Unfortunately I was fifth because I did not work hard for this correspondent, I’m sorry! (Laughs) I think that it is more interesting that it is a project that came out in-house, but I think that I will do it in the media.
Hen: Because this industry also has horizontal links in the media. If we do, we too…
Inoue: It would be interesting if the media cup is held regularly. Moreover, I think that each media may be broadcast live. Since we regularly hold live broadcasts of the race finals during the lunch break, we watched while all the employees ate lunch at the same time, but our friends who are good friends are out for the mains and its interesting What Good luck everyone was supporting (laughs)
From now on, we will create the world of people of the world with the world of Crypt-Oink! And, as everyone’s heart gets connected with Crypt-Oink and smiles, we will make Crypt-Oink more interesting!

Good Luck 3 Information

Good Luck 3 Company Page  https://www.gl-inc.jp/
Crypt-Oink official page              https://www.crypt-oink.io/
Crypt-Oink Official Twitter  https://twitter.com/CryptOink_JP
RAKUN official page              https://www.gl-inc.jp/products/
RAKUN Official Twitter        https://twitter.com/RAKUNworld

【Interview】 Good Luck 3 Inoue-Part 3: Finding out Creating a Blockchain Game