[Interview] Good Luck 3 Inoue-The story of the Pig from Then

After an interview with RAKUN by Mr. Hatamura, it was cut out that there was a “pig story” that was more than Good Luck 3 representative Inoue.

Therefore, I learned in more detail what the Crypt-Oink is like.

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The story of the pig from that

Hen: I heard that there is progress in that Crypt-Oink, what is it like?

Inoue: Actually, it leads to the story of RAKUN. It is about what value of the token is secured, but it is a premise that there is a use. On top of that, even in the case of the dollar and other legal currencies, the gold standard has been up until the 1971 Nixon shock. Even in the first stage, it was possible to secure the value with gold, even if it was likely that the currency that the state issued was creditable.

Hen: It looks like a stable coin.

Inoue: That’s right. Stable coins are an idea, but once the market rates are fully linked to the legal currency, no tokens or market-specific quotes will be formed, so no investment or speculation will come together. The story is “Volatility is our friend. By Goldman Sachs”, but it attracts investors’ interest because token-specific quotes are formed. (Lol)

Then, as a result of thinking that what should be done while it is not very interesting when linked to a legal currency, we are now selling diamond pig (ton). Diamond pig sells for 100ETH, does this sell? There was a story that did not sell even a week after it started (laughs)

Hen: This is a great feeling of premiere! !

Inoue: But if you have to face the unsold reality and you can’t use 100ETH in this game, you’re pretty shocked.

So, I would like to secure the value. We plan to purchase and guarantee 100% of the same amount of Crypt-Oink we sold from our company until 10,000 ETH. Also, since my parents’ house is a jewelry store, those who bought this diamond ton can participate in a special race called the Diamond Cup, and have made it possible to get diamonds when winning in the main match.

Inoue’s diamonds

I think that the Crypt-Oink standard system is actually interesting when there is what is ahead of this.

Right now, the user is producing a total of 100,000 Crypt-Oink per year, and 100,000 realistic Crypt-Oink farms are shipped. For example, if you are playing with a Crypt-Oink, you will go to a realistic Crypt-Oink I think it would be interesting if you could exchange the We plan to offer pork sets that can be eaten as BBQ or shabu as special race products. I will do real meat (meat) close-up talking with pork pork while eating pork original pork soon! (Lol).

The reason for this 100% purchase guarantee and efforts to achieve the pig standard system was the reason that AI focused on why social implementation is progressing when comparing AI and blockchain.

AI’s social implementation has begun to make progress, and there is one big turning point, and AlphaGO beats Go’s masters, and even Shogi wins masters, etc. It is easy for everyone to understand, and the usefulness of AI is visible. It was shown.

The blockchain was visible for a moment as a bitcoin and as a cryptographic currency, but it was felt that what was visible might not be threatened by the spill case. People think that it is difficult to see again because they can look away from things that seem dangerous.

On the other hand, real pigs are visibly stable. I wonder if this real pig and digital pig(Crypt-Oink) should be tied. The point is, by taking the pig standard system and making it possible to replace rip pig with real pig, we have a concept of spreading visible pig in the world.

From now on, I wonder if it will be a catch copy saying “I’m holding a Crypt-Oink race! I get pork if I win” (laughs)

The background of this idea is, as I said at the beginning (Part 1), the currency of the crypto assets is only a part, We are doing new assets as digital items. In the blockchain, it is possible to use what is already treated as an asset, such as encryption and capitalization, so this time it becomes stable as an asset value if you link a movable asset like pig or diamond.

Image exhibition:  Image exhibition “What is a cryptographic asset? The FSA understands why the name is changed from” virtual currency “” (Ginco MAGAZINE)

Hen: This is the world’s first! The idea of ​​Stable Coin may not be exactly the same, but with the pig basic system, the price of the Crypt-Oink will approach the pig, so the price will not go up like a racehorse?

Inoue: It depends on which added value is greater. If the value added by the game is large, the real pig’s collateral will be the one that secures the lower limit of the value, just like the gold standard, and the upper limit will be determined by the actual demand of the game of Crypt-Oink.

I feel that the concept of currency so far has been divided by the area of ​​the country, but I feel that it is now separated from our sense of living.

On the contrary, I feel that the connection in the purposeful category will bring meaning and value from now on. The currency that leads in the purposeful category is the direction we are moving forward.

The point is something like that. T point started from the entertainment field at first, became currency-like, and became a category killer for entertainment and consumer goods.

When category killers appear in cryptocurrency and cryptographic assets, we develop hard-earned pigs and work with real pig farms so that they can be exchanged with real pigs. Because it is the strongest in Japan, it may be possible that it will become a company with strong pig currency and assets. (Lol)

The user was entertaining when I was doing this explanation in the last minute and was saying “I can not get involved in the pig farming business through the block chain” (laughs)

Pig farming has a cycle of about half a year until it is turned into meat, but it would be good if everyone could invest and grow in that cycle. Because it is a business that takes capital.

Hen: If you look at livestock as an asset, it is likely to be accepted more than Japan.

Inoue: I think this might lead to food education, and at first I was playing a game of Crypt-Oink, and “does it eat because I don’t run this guy?” When I click the button to replace it with a real pig, the pork arrives on the weekend of the following week, and this is that cute pig (laughs) In this way, the boundary between virtual and reality disappears, The social implementation of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, crypto assets is advancing (laughs)
Hen: I would like to see how the user responds.

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