[Interview] Good Luck 3 Mr. Hatamura-Part 2: What is the Advantage of RAKUN in Terms of Competition?

In the last interview, Mr. Inoue, the representative of Luck 3, gave a brief introduction to Crypt-Oink and the game platform RAKUN.

And what is RAKUN like? I asked Mr. Hatamura, the director of the company, for details.

In the second part, we talked about the superiority of RAKUN’s project. If you have not read Part 1, please read Part 1 “What is RAKUN?”

幸運3 - 畑村さん

Good Luck 3-Mr. Hatamura

What is the advantage of comparing RAKUN and similar projects?

Hen: ALIS and Steelm will enter a semantic similar project, but overseas, The Abyss does a similar thing. What is the advantage of RAKUN over other projects?
Hatamura: There are several. The most important thing is that we can start from the premise that the product called Kuri-Pu is already launched and is the token to be used there.
RAKU is different from other tokens in that the demand for buying items in the game is visible. Also, RAKUN’s system is almost complete. So I think that the project is going well and the fact that things are actually different is different from other things.
Also, if there is a community that wants to use the RAKUN mechanism itself, it is possible to provide a mechanism that can be implemented easily using the API. Since we are also making more and more games, I think that as the game economic zone expands, more and more people want to participate in the RAKUN economic zone.
Hen: RAKUN was able to use the API, but it means that it can be linked with external services. What external services do you expect?
Hatamura: Basically, it is assumed that Facebook-type communities and blog services can have comments and “likes”. Most of the time, everywhere now has such a structure. For example, it can be done only if Facebook is adopted.
In terms of ideas, it looks like Google Adsense. If there is a media or community that you want a mechanism that can reduce the operating cost to the user with tokens other than advertisements, you may like the content you posted. It will be possible to say that it will be evaluated and commented on and be evaluated as a performance fee.
I think there are a variety of issues, but first of all, I cannot help making it full open, so I will focus on people who want to agree with our goals and work together. We are already talking with some companies under the water.
In the end, it would be ideal to be fully open and free. Aim Ad sense 2.0 (laughs)

How is the barrier to obtaining RAKU lowered?

Hen: I think it’s great that RAKU can be used by users who do not have a wallet. However, when the user wants to use RAKUN’s service more, I think that the scene that I want to obtain more RAKU comes out absolutely. How do you deal with such users?
Hatamura: Basically, I have been trying to get listed on the stock exchange while observing the laws of each country.
In Japan, new tokens have not been listed at all for the past year, and nothing has risen since the bitcoin cash. Japan is also working hard to continue listing activities.

Because listing on the exchange is one key. It is possible to sell it in the form of points, but we would like to treat it as a cryptographic asset of ERC 20 running on ethereum.

Hen: After all, it will be a stock exchange listing.

Hatamura: That’s right. However, since RAKU is basically given as an achievement reward to activities in the community, I have the feeling that I want you to do my best to be active in the community.By the way, the wallet itself is built in RAKUN, and if you do not withdraw the RAKU, you can use the acquired token as it is. There is no need to bring it to the exchange at the first stage.

Do people find value in the free RAKU?

In addition, I think that it was a story that there is a pool in the form of mining and it will be distributed from there, but mining will increase the supply of demand and supply because tokens will increase in the RAKUN world, and RAKU I feel like the value of is falling. I wonder if the user is unwilling to use tokens whose value is reduced. Are you thinking of measures to ensure that the value does not go down?
Hatamura: First of all, the basic function of RAKU is that it can be exchanged for items, so if you can buy a COINK or a pig, I think that it will be a standard, and an indication of value will be made.
Inoue talks about mining last time, but in RAKUN, activities such as article creation and “Like” are regarded as mining. The issue of tokens is basically capped at 500 million, and 30% of them will be distributed to users. The future will never be this 30% token increase.
The mining period is 20 years, and it will be distributed gradually according to RAKUN’s law of reward system. The distribution volume of RAKU will increase rapidly, but I think that there is a certain upper limit and it will be all right if the expansion speed of the RAKU economic zone exceeds the increase of the distribution volume.
Hen: Is it an image that stimulates demand by increasing content.

Why are similar projects not working?

Hen: If you look at similar projects, it seems that the price formation of tokens is not well done. Poor market conditions and the fact that the product is under development may be the most important cause, but do you think that this may be the other cause?
Hatamura: Steem that is said to have succeeded is not so high except for the need to exchange at the Cryptographic Asset Exchange, and I believe that it would be meaningless to find demand that is accompanied by the actual situation.
We believe that games are a good breakthrough, and it has been hypothesized that the potential of this model can be advanced one step ahead by arousing the demand to exchange earned tokens for game items.
Even in the case of Steem, looking at the price in BTC, it has not fluctuated so much in the last year, so the price in USDT fluctuates simply in conjunction with the drop in BTC. , In essence, I think that the value is not so shaken.
So I think there is a lot of potential, and I think that there is a particular potential with regard to evaluating user activity and distributing tokens.

Part 3 notice

In the second part, we asked about the theme of RAKUN’s business advantage and whether RAKU tokens have value.
In the third part, why do you dare to do business in Japan where it is difficult to do business on cryptographic assets due to laws and regulations? I will continue to visit you.

Part 3: Why Dare to do business in Japan

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