[Interview] Good Luck 3 Hatamura-Part 1: What is RAKUN?

In the last interview, Mr. Inoue, the representative of Luck 3, gave a brief introduction to Crypt-Oink and the game platform RAKUN.
And what is RAKUN like? I asked Mr. Hatamura, the director of the company, for details.
Finally, I asked about the latest trends of Inoue’s Crypt-Oink.

What is RAKUN?

Hen: Could you tell us about RAKUN?
Hatamura: RAKUN is a platform that connects blockchain games and communities. The name is derived from ease and luck. I wish I could live the world happily and I wish I was lucky. Good Luck 3 has the word “Luck” in its name, but I think luck is an interesting thing and can not be obtained unless I try my best. After all you are happy if you have luck.
Hen: I’m sure I’m happy!
Hatamura: Regarding tokens called RAKU (raku) based on ERC 20 standard distributed in RAKUN, when Good Luck 3 and other games will be released in the future, and applications that move in conjunction with RAKU will come out It will play a monetary role as a utility token.
At the root of it is the reward system. There are leading products such as Steem and ALIS, but it is one of the successful models in the blockchain content layer.
In RAKUN, we begin by incorporating such models and initially evaluating the behavior on the Web.
For example, if a person playing a cricket pig sends out capture information and performs activities in the community, if it contributes to the game, it will receive an RAKU. Based on that, the game will be able to play more. At RAKUN, we aim to create a good cycle of games and communities.
At the beginning you start from such a point, and there are places where you want to develop the compensation system other than that.
For example, if you do certain activities in the game, you will receive an RAKU. If you defeat the legendary monster, you will win the RAKU. I think that it would be very interesting that the time spent in the game turned into something of an asset.
Hen: The hard work will be rewarded.
Hatamura: That’s right. There was also a previous story of Inoue, but the current game is a world where it only takes place after users join. In the past, users only paid for money, but when the time they spend is changed to assets or rewarded as rewards, it will be a totally different experience from the previous games.
I have created games and community services that attract over 10 million people on mobile in the past. At that time there were a lot of interesting reactions from the game and the community, and the service started to grow with a chemical reaction. I think that in the world of DApps, such a thing may be sufficient.
In the world of DApps, there is a syntax similar to the world of DApps, and I think that it is necessary to get along properly, but it is realized that the game and the community will be activated in a form close to the user side I think I can do it.
Hen: You mean that the activation of the community is the main thing. Specifically, what kind of activation is aimed at happening? This kind of thing will improve and change from time to time, so there will not be a perfect form, can you tell me if there is an image that it would be better to go like this?
Hatamura: Tokens are obtained through game cheats and information dissemination, and then they are dropped into the game. Furthermore, after playing the game, a new experience of the game comes out, so I think that it will be interesting that new community activities will be born and that various things will change depending on the incentive.

What happens to Crypt-Oink by RAKUN! ?

Hen: Your company is a company that is committed to pigs, so how does RAKUN evolve if you use rip pig as an example? What kind of experience will users be able to do?

Hatamura: With regard to Crypt-Oink, there is a chance to buy items in the in-game currency called COINK and strengthen the pig.
Users can buy COINK on RAKUs gained by RAKUN’s activity, which allows them to get free from the community activities what they could not buy COINK without ever having ETH I think that the barrier will go down because it will be able to participate there by the token.
After that, it will be in the form of a future update plan, but those who have a large amount of RAKU will be entitled to VIP by locking a certain amount. It is in the form that users can deploy the game more advantageously. People who hold the token RAKU and keep them in the community for a long time have high loyalty, so it is hypothesized that the amount of heat will be higher than ever.
Hen: By the way, how much is the development status when looking at the whole at 100%?
Hatamura: About 70% of development is over now. There are places that I consider as a roadmap in the future, but with the development of blockchains in the future, more things that can be realized will be more and more.
Ideally, we want to implement transactions entirely on-chain, but RAKUN has a private network and a public network as its configuration. Both are made using Ethereum technology. Given the speed of transactions or the cost of GAS, it is necessary to make commonly used functions private.
Ultimately, I think that it would be ideal to put them all in an on-chain transaction, distribute tokens to stakeholders in a POS-like fashion, and freely manage operations in the community. I think that it is about 1% if I think in such places (laughs)
Hen: I see. That’s about Ethereum’s specifications, so it’s not about the dimensions that Good Luck 3 can do for you.
Hatamura: That’s right. However, from the perspective of the development of blockchains, I feel that it will be important for content layers like ours to work hard and open up. I intend to design as stress free as possible, but I still feel that there are still many challenges.
Hen: Another game company’s story, but I tried to create a game that ran on the on-chain for all of them, saying that it was completely useless. So you seem to be making versions compatible with other blockchain platforms.

Hatamura: To put it in detail, putting the game itself on-chain is especially important for gambling-type apps, as transparency is important, so I think if you want to gamble in real time you should use the on-chain.

Ethereum is a public node, and the community has been extremely active. Because there are so many engineers, I think that the possibility of development is different from any other. That’s where we dare to do at Ethereum.

Second part notice

In Part 1, I asked about the whole picture of RAKUN.

In the second part, we will talk about topics such as RAKUN’s business advantage and whether RAKU tokens have value.

Part 2: What is the advantage of RAKUN in terms of competition?

Official information about Good Luck 3

Good Luck 3 Company Page  https://www.gl-inc.jp/
Crip pig official page              https://www.crypt-oink.io/
Crypt-Oink Official Twitter  https://twitter.com/CryptOink_JP
RAKUN official page              https://www.gl-inc.jp/products/
RAKUN Official Twitter        https://twitter.com/RAKUNworld

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