[Interview] Good Luck 3 Inoue-Part 1: Reasons for focusing on block chain games

Blockchain games, which appeared in late 2017, have become a hot topic among gamers who like new games that allow players to exchange characters and more. Games using blockchains have also been released in Japan.

This time around Kazuhisa Inoue, a representative of Good Luck 3 who develops and operates Crypt-Oink, I asked about the newly released game platform “RAKUN” with Pupig.

In the first installment I will introduce Mr. Inoue and his company, and explain why he emphasizes block chains.

Good luck 3 Inoue and Hatamura


Inoue Self-introduction

Hen: Well, thank you. First, please tell me what Mr. Inoue has done in the past, and how he encountered the blockchain.

Inoue: The first time I started working on the Internet was in the summer of the first year of university. I started working at the company of Tai Son and started a student venture there. So I was involved in various projects, but I did not get along well, and I wanted to learn how to get the startup working right. At that time, I met a company called Dream Incubator.

Dream Incubator is a company that conducts venture management and management consulting for large companies, but I entered new graduates and took charge of both jobs. I was in charge of content-related areas such as animation and games, and the Internet-based sector, and as a leader there, I also did venture investment and development, and business strategy consulting for large companies. Just as Japan’s leading game companies and mobile platforms are in full swing in global expansion, they participated in the valuable thing of having people around the world enjoy the content from Japan.

Within that flow, as a Dream Incubator, as part of supporting venture companies in which we invested, we embarked on mobile game development and launched our business. Among them, I feel that this is an interesting job, and in 2013, I will return to local Fukuoka and start a business.

The encounter with the blockchain began with the transfer of bitcoins from seniors about 5 years ago with the settlement of the drinking fee. What is this! ? I thought (laughs) it was a settlement of around 20,000 yen, but at that time 1 bitcoin was around 2 to 30,000 yen, and I do not understand well, but it is moving daily. It rose to over 100,000 yen and became five times so I sold it haste (laughs)

If you hold it as it is, it would have been 2 million yen at the highest, and it is still worth about 500 to 600,000 yen. There is a very interesting world. I knew blockchain indirectly through my encounter with Bitcoin.

The blockchain business began in the summer of 2017. In the spring of that year, blockchain news was being sent on a weekly basis from our stockholders and leading venture capitalists, thinking continuously what this might mean I was reading an article.

At one time, I thought that this was related to myself and I was thinking that I would like to start. I had lunch regularly as a friend with Hatamura, but Hatamura also felt a big flow of block chain, and the topic that two people want to talk in common at the lunch on August 1, 2017 is block chain So I was excited and talked about the future that the blockchain brings. Well, that night, I started to start the blockchain business.

Hen: I ask Mr. Hatamura, why did you think you should start at that time?

Hatamura: I came over the Internet and liked games and community services. There was such a feeling, but the current smartphone game market could not be won without money, or it was a situation where there were only strong players when looking around.

While I thought that if I would go next, I would not get in new technology, rather than doing something there, “BLOCKCHAIN ​​EVOLUTION” book and a boom of blockchains was coming.
There was also a sense that the price of the cryptocurrency is moving, so if you don’t go here in a timely manner, you will miss it. As it was the time when other people came later, I felt it would be useless to go offensive.

Hen: That’s great.

Hatamura: When I actually touched the block chain myself, this is different. It’s a real thing! The biggest thing is that I became more enthusiastic.

Inoue: Hatamura has also been looking at the Internet for over 20 years, but when I mention blockchain services and products, I feel that this is a big deal.
It is thought that it is an inductive view of the product and service social implementation cases of blockchain innovation, and there is a part that can not be completely understood when trying to understand innovation deductively. If you try to fully understand and move, you will get stuck. How many people fully understand and use the mechanics of electricity? Electricity is socially implemented in various places, and I started using it because it is convenient. Do not you think that is good? Before I understood blockchain, I used Bitcoin.

I feel that when I touch products and services, I think there is a part that I can feel with sense, and people who are operating in the blockchain business from the beginning have grasped to a certain extent the reasoning rather than having understood and moved perfectly. I think that there are a lot of people who felt the dynamism with the senses and moved. So we are making blockchain games too, but I think that you should touch and feel to play for the time being, as it is okay later on. If there is a feeling of skin played by touching, the basic principles and mechanisms will be easier to understand later.

If you tell me about blockchains well, I will be pulled out to various places, but I will use it for opening an account of cryptocurrency exchange for 1 hour rather than asking for my explanation for 1 hour at the beginning. Since then, because it is good either in bitcoin or ethereal, it is said that it is overwhelmingly understandable to have done cryptocurrency trading. Let’s stop listening first! It is overwhelmingly faster if you try to touch or play.

Hen: If you often buy stocks, you may be concerned about the performance of the company, but that’s the same feeling.

Inoue: That’s right. In order to be able to play baseball, it is best not to be able to read baseball books but to play baseball. First of all, you have read a bicycle book or received a seminar on how to ride a bicycle, and you may not have started riding a bicycle. Most people should have begun to practice riding a bicycle suddenly. Why do you get in from a book or seminar when it comes to a blockchain? (Laughs) First of all, you should start from where you touch products and services.

In that sense, I can explain the blockchain to the general public in an easy-to-understand manner, because I have been working on the product and service of the blockchain for nearly two years. Above all, I feel that it is important to try and touch.


Good Luck 3 company introduction

Hen: Please introduce us to Good Luck 3’s company.

Inoue: Good Luck 3 is developing blockchain games and platforms for delivering entertainment in the blockchain x entertainment business area. Recently, as a regional media currency, a project has also been launched in which currency is issued to local governments and companies for demonstration experiments.

Hen: I think that the block chain games being released at this time were two, rip pig and crypt idol, but are you going to shift closer to the block chain in the future?

Inoue: Yes. It is quite a shift, and most people are blockchain related.

It is said that blockchain is the second Internet, but I think that there is nothing that can not be multiplied with blockchain. What does it mean to do Internet after 2000? It’s strange, and it is inevitable to use the Internet because it’s the infrastructure of the Internet (laughs) I think using the blockchain is a natural big stream in the Internet industry, I feel that things that don’t get entangled with blockchains are getting less and less.

Strictly speaking, our business also has a video production business, and now we are not involved in block chains, but it feels like we will be connected in the future. In that respect too, along with the Internet, there are almost no industries that are not related to the Internet. It is what it is.

Hen: Where did you come to be convinced that blockchains become commonplace?

Inoue: There are two, and the scope of cryptographic assets is actually wide. Cryptographic currency is an emerging part of the larger whole of cryptographic assets. First of all, even with the cryptocurrency, I think there will be almost no industry involved. Are there any services or products that do not involve money in the current industry? It is not. There should be nothing that will not be involved in the future cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, since cryptographic currencies are only part of cryptographic assets, we will give this picture of cryptographic assets. First of all, what is already an asset, such as securities, property, real estate, etc. is naturally treated as a cryptographic asset in the course of trading. Furthermore, if health information, behavior history, digital items and social capital are to be newly treated as cryptographic assets, do they have anything to do with them? I think.

Image exhibition “What is a cryptographic asset? The FSA understands why the name is changed from” virtual currency “” (Ginco MAGAZINE)

In terms of services, it is linked to various actions, so when a blockchain really becomes social infrastructure, it should be used without being aware of the blockchain, so that no one is consciously using the Internet It becomes.

For example, when searching for something on a smartphone, if you say how many people are searching for it on the Internet, you are simply searching for it. Isn’t it going to be like that?

Hen: Good technology does not make you feel that technology is working.

Inoue: Because I use blockchains, I call it a blockchain game, but many people don’t know blockchains, and it’s hard to convey the essence, so I would like to change it to something more descriptive.

Playing games can enhance the assets of our assets, and we want to make it easier to understand the points where we can interact with other users.

Hen: Other block chain games are also represented differently by each company.

Inoue: Using blockchains, you can spend time spent playing digital assets, and add digital expression to your digital assets. Those experiences are epoch-making when you try, but it is difficult to communicate in words. However, the hurdles to play are also high, so I think each company is conscious of trying to make it easier to transmit a catch phrase.

 Hen: I do not play social games, I remember that RMT (Real Money Trade) became popular once, but it became self-regulatory due to various problems.  What’s different in blockchain games?

Inoue: I think it’s a digital asset trade that leverages the characteristics of the blockchain. I think that there is a good place where information can be opened systematically and safely and quickly.


 The next notice 

What did you think?

In the second half, we will discuss the unfamiliar blockchain game and the blockchain game Crypt-Oink.

Next Story: Part 2-What is a Blockchain Game Introduction to Crypt-Oink.


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[Interview] Good Luck 3 Inoue -Part 2: What is a Blockchain Game? Introduction of Crypt-Oink