[Interview] Good Luck 3 Inoue -Part 2: What is a Blockchain Game? Introduction of Crypt-Oink

The blockchain game, which came into being in the second half of 2017 , has become a hot topic among gamers who like new things as a game that allows players to exchange characters etc.Games using blockchains have also been released in Japan.

This time ” Crypt-Oink“, in the center Mr. Kazuhisa Inoue, was asked about the game platform “RAKUN” to new release andchestnut Crypt-Oink.

In the second part, for the block chain game unfamiliar, and I heard about the chestnut Crypt-Oink of the block chain game.

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Good Luck 3 Inoue

What is a blockchain game?

Hen: I think that there are many people who are unfamiliar with the word “blockchain game”. What exactly is a blockchain game in the first place?

Inoue: When I explain, do you know what Bitcoin or Ethereal? I hear that. If you play games using these cryptocurrencies, it will increase if it works well, and may decrease if it does not work well, but it says that you can have a new game experience.

However, there is not only at the entrance, without being bound only in character and items were placed in the hands of the game in the game, and can be owned as yours, of chestnut Pu pigeventually that we are out of the race game Besides, if someone creates a battle game, for example, you can use it there, and you can make it appear as your own pet on your desktop or smartphone, and you are free to use it beyond the framework of the game. .

Hen: in the block chain game benefits of part of the pre-gotten material, but there is a thing called the game is also the asset remains gone, I also thought that what no one cord value of the game is no longer the first place asset Yes. Is the benefit of remaining assets being that you can use the same character in another game, or can you add value to those places?

Inoue: Yes. For example, when I was a kid, I collected surprise stickers and baseball cards. There is an official way of playing paper card games, but I think the user was playing freely. It is good even in the face, You can either put in the refrigerator, how to play is a world view that freedom of the user.

Since the characters and items that I got are essentially those of the user, and the user paid for it, why would it be erased for the convenience of the game maker? Since it is the user’s thing in the first place, let’s leave it as a good on the block chain.

No matter what stance the game maker is, it is the user’s good, so the user can use it freely. If the user loves the goods, characters or items, creating a game on their own will make it last forever.

As the composition of the community and the product that we are aiming for, we aim at the place where the world expands in a self-proliferating manner based on the favorite characters and items, and RAKUN explained later We are thinking that a community or platform like (Rakun) will be a catalyst for it.

Hen: There are games that fans often make overseas, and the quality is too high, so the maker that made the original may fall into smashing, but on the other hand it does something like promoting it?

Inoue: did I say so. The so-called open innovation is a trend of the times and can not stand it anymore. Because people’s thinking itself is open innovation, isn’t it strange that the person who made it first monopolizes wealth?

For example, who made games, the age of consumer games was high for manufacturers. Comes to online games only game makers have become not only the view of the world is created, becoming larger community occupied elements, and referred to in the world of the contribution, for example, manufacturers 50%, not become leprosy rather than 50% user That’s right.

To be honest, I would like to make a profit because I will invest considerable development costs, passion and people, but on the other hand, promotion of the community and users is essential to the success of the current game. The age of creating only with game makers is over. However, the business model for game makers to bring all their earnings has not changed.

The point is, let’s make a profit and return properly that the user is creating the community and the world of the game. I think this is just a natural flow and trying to create a fairer ecosystem.

Introduction of Crypt-Oink

Hen: Can you introduce the chestnut Crypt-Oink?

Inoue: chestnut Crypt-Oink is born about 50,000 pigs in six months release, no longer is the farm of the world’s largest digital pig (laughs) out but I wife are doing iodide Butagyo, the annual production head count is 10 million head. Although production time is different, it is produced at a pace exceeding that in half a year, and the power of digital! ! I think I.

Pig itself have a digital genetic information, it is born pigs of 3 Kyoto 6 thousand trillion ways. In other words, as no one in the world has a human with the same gene, basically no two pigs are the same.

This is amazing, but a new species of life is born on digital, and blockchains have values ​​in string and number algorithms. I guess this is very genetic.

In our game was born a new pig and multiplies the 2 pigs, though it is why are 50,000 head, or to run the newly born pigs in the race, by or to the battle, in the real world as if human beings are living with a purpose in Naka, also a virtual world, have begun to prosperity with a purpose to live the chestnut Crypt-Oink.

If you have a pig that has been lovingly grown, you may want to sell it for sale and have someone take it up, and you can also grow it, or you can buy a new pig for money you bought and combine it with another pig You can also produce new pigs. It is a game that can simulate the activities of generation of pig in virtual space.

Hen: It is rude to say, I had thought that it is an extension of the training game I Crypt-Oink.Since I used to be a gamer, I used to play Tamagotchi and Dragon Quest Monsters in Gameboy, but the combination is patterned and I get bored at the end. It feels different from that.

Inoue: No. It has different two large, and it has online, the two eyes are not think that now remain permanently.

If you combine online and lasting things will happen, the point is that they will continue to evolve forever. I think that the impact of permanence and permanence is amazing and will continue to evolve!

As a concrete example, we can evolve the game by developing other games that use pig digital assets. Of course it is not impossible even in the existing online games, by using the blockchain, to more open, now more secure, and easier to develop at a low cost.

But is, for example, a combination of pig at present is 3 Kyoto 6 thousand trillion ways, but you may end up with a value of 36 Kyoto street When you update.

Hen: It’s already a number I don’t know (laughs)

Inoue: Games have evolved with the development of the Internet and computers.

By utilizing the block chain, this digital pig has the potential to continue to evolve. This is a horrific impact, which evolves with the participation of users, not just developers.

For example, in the digital world, it is natural that everyone has a digital pig, there are more pigs than people, and it can become a dominant world, even in this virtual world. There is no! In the real world, human beings may still live in my face, but in the virtual world created by blockchains , pigs are more dominant than human beings because we first chose them. There is even a possibility of becoming, really (laughs)

If you talk about that, you will often hear that why you chose pigs first as a motif.

Hen: Why is that?

Inoue: The game that first appeared on the blockchain and became a popular game was a cat with a cat motif called CryptoKitties . In terms of the respect for the game, So when you to try to do in a different animal, I did look at the animal Popularity Index. Then there is only a dog to counter the cat. Other than that, in terms of popular ranking, there are pandas and rabbits. Pigs are not anywhere in the rankings!

Hen: It’s not true.

Inoue: So why are you a pig ? When you hear that,’s a script, not good in  pig(tons)What? Besides, in English, it is called CRYPT-Oink , but Oink is a pig’s cry, and it works well with crypt in both English and Japanese.

Besides, the picture that came out with the motif was pretty cute and it was quite good. The sound of the name and the visual are big. For example, what do you like as one of the most difficult questions in love? You know. No, no matter if you ask for a reason just because you like it in your senses, you will be troubled. Why do you like curry? If you ask me why you like mountain climbing, curry is delicious. Because there is a mountain there. And, if you answer honestly, it will be such an answer. And the question of its kind, but what Why pigs? Well, it’s almost the same kind of question. Although it may be possible to explain with logic once, that logic is a retrofit logic that has a gap from a straightforward sense. The reason why pigs are determined by sense is greater than logic.

Hen: I’d remember the echo of Twitter when out Crypt-Oink I Tweet that cute there were many.

Inoue: That’s right. It will not be cute if the pattern is different. It’s a story that everything is decided by the set, so it’s a part I want to take care of.

Speaking of the question in a plausible way, “No, some Ghibli works have a pig motif, and a pig that can not run is just a pig!”

However, I think that animals that prosper in the real world are different from animals that thrive on blockchains. It is possible that it will happen that someone’s accidental choice will decide the fate after that, and as we commit to the pig, it is the momentum that the most prosperous animal on the blockchain is the pig I’m trying to get out (lol)

Hen: There is a movie called The Planet of Monkeys, but that would be a great monkey evolving. I dominate human beings . Is it an image that a pig will be in the position of a monkey like that?

Inoue: That’s right, that’s right (laughs)

I’m thinking of putting avatar jockey on a pig from now on. Horse racing is more important than jockey in terms of horse racing, and is more valuable to horses. Who are you going to tell the jockey after the horse is there? In that structure, in a virtual world, pigs should have more value than people. I feel that such a view of the world will be close. Recently, the God of the pig, I feel even with squid, such than has been manipulated (laughs)

Hen: That’s interesting. You have committed to the pig so far!

Inoue: Can we pick this pig? (Laughs)

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What did you think?

In part 3, I will continue to talk about the difficulties in creating Japan’s first blockchain game and the problems with blockchain games.

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