Coin Market Media Meet-Up (3) Latest blockchain x IoT ・ game ・ Exchange Project Introduction

From 19:00 on May 27, 2019, we will hold the 3rd Meet-up organized by our media.

In this meetup, three projects with ground strength that survived the Crypto Winter will be on stage.


 Participating projects 



A popular block chain game where you can train rip-up pigs (tons) and participate in races, buy and sell rip-up pigs with crypto assets! The player is popular when the pig is cute.


 CROSS exchange has six months since its operation. It is a notable exchange that is committed to entering the top 5 trading volume rankings within two years, and aims to create a decentralized economic zone centered on the next-generation decentralized exchange.


Katana Project

Aim to build a crypto economy to put block chains into practical use, such as Katana block chains premised on utilization for IoT (the Internet of Things), cross chains that can introduce BTC payment, and DApps.


 How to participate 

Please visit the Peatix Events page below and sign up for a ticket.

Please refrain from temporary holding of tickets when participation is not decided so that people who want to go can participate.