Coin Market Media Meet Up (3rd) Latest Blockchain x IoT ・ Game ・ Exchange Project Introduction (the First Half: Crypt-Oink / Katana)

Our media sponsor held the “Coin Market media Meet Up (3) latest Blockchain × IoT ・ Games ・ Exchange project introduction”.  We introduce the first half of the event in this article.



Crypt-Oink, which appeared in our media interview plan, is Japan’s first blockchain game produced by Good Luck 3, which develops social games.

Crypt-Oink is made as an Ethereum ERC 721 token, the only token in the world (NFT).  In addition to the EOS and TRON blockchains, Good Luck 3 has adopted Ethereum in anticipation of its future potential.

In Crypt-Oink, you can repeat mating to make your own pig. There are 3 trillion to 6 trillion combinations. Breeding and raising pigs can be raced and competed with. Occasionally races to win ETH are held. You can also bet the currency within the game.

How to play Crypt-Oink

Crypt-Oink Racing Scene

Mr. Hatamura, who is in charge of this presentation, thinks that the blockchain, which is not yet widely adopted, may eventually be adopted as a starting point.  Within the blockchain game, it seems that they have found the possibility of a new asset formation.

Reasons for playing blockchain games


In addition, Crypt-Oink has started to guarantee the purchase of pigs sold directly by the operation. It is believed that this will allow everyone to play freely.

Good Luck 3 also creates a game platform called RAKUN, where it releases a common currency called RAKU. They plan to offer some of the benefits of buying or locking items with tokens.


RAKUN Project


Katana Project

The Katana Project, as its name suggests, is Japan’s first blockchain project. The Katana Project focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT).

In the presentation, they started with the history of blockchain, and described the process of thinking that it would be wasteful to make it a currency-only revolution, or apply a groundbreaking algorithm to any transaction.

The Kanata Project believes that what is lacking most with blockchain is the total experience. In order to facilitate the experience, they can connect with other blockchains and also prepare payment blockchains for payment linked to legal currency. They are trying to do all of these in a distributed fashion without a central organization. The key to that is IoT.


Three products released by Katana Project

With IoT, information from the real world where small devices exist is being dropped onto the Internet. The important issue here is the security, as IoT gathers information intensively. However, using blockchain can reduce the points attacked by hacking. By securing IoT conventionally, it will be possible to provide a monetization service.

The Katana blockchain, the core of the Katana Project, achieves high speed by separating the inside of the main chain into the core area and the application area. By sending information to the application area and processing in the core area, it is possible to perform efficient processing without requiring a side chain. The Katana blockchain claims to be able to process 1-2 million transactions per second.


Katana blockchain structure


Katana blockchain performance


Cross-chaining enables atomic swaps to be used to exchange crypto assets within a wallet. In addition, the combination of various blockchain smart contracts extends the range of payment currencies.

With payment based blockchains, legal currency and crypto assets are linked to carry out settlement. The big feature is to use a virtual dollar. Freeze the deposited dollars and issue a virtual dollar. This is totally one dollar, unlike stable coins of about one dollar. This enables you to receive decentralized blockchains in the legal currency.

The Katana Project will provide such a decentralized system, and aim to realize an autonomous decentralized society with the crypto economy.


Difference between the Token Economy and the Crypto Economy