500,000 Yen in Dividends Alone? CROSS exchange Makes Direct Hit on Trade Miners

Do you know about CROSS exchange which has opened as an emerging exchange attracting much attention now? In this article, I will explain the mechanism of “trade mining” which is a noteworthy feature on CROSS exchange, and introduce the voice of the user actually using the exchange mining.

What is CROSS exchange

CROSS exchange, which is the exchanges section of the project “CROSS,” started its token sale in May 2018 and developing a wallet. In recent years not only in Japan, a hacking attacks from the outside of exchanges became a worldwide issue. “CROSS exchange” is to maintain transparency by disclosing trading platforms and transaction data to users and has already acquired the first financial license for cryptocurrency in Azerbaijan for robustness as an exchange. Another feature is that there are many mechanisms for returning profits to users with fee-based dividends by original tokens and an “automatic mining” function not found on other exchanges.

Structure of trade mining using the XEX token

Trade mining means “a system that gets an exchange token with an amount equivalent to the transaction fees paid when trading cryptocurrency.” The token granted when trading in CROSS exchange is named “XEX,” where 100% to 130% of trade fees at that time is newly issued and granted is XEX to the users. The following is a flow of new issuance and dividend payments of XEX that occurs when a user trades the BTC/ETH pair at CROSS exchange.

① User trades BTC / ETH
② Trade fees are saved in the fee pool
③ XEX of the amount corresponding to the fees paid are issued and granted to the users
④ Allocate up to 80% of the amount saved in the fee pool to each user according to the holding amount of XEX (includes major currencies such as BTC and ETH)

This is the process for trade mining of CROSS exchange for receiving dividends.

In addition, the XEX token obtained as a reduction of fees can be locked up. XEX tokens with lockup settings cannot be traded or withdrawn, but as long as the lockup period is longer, the proportion of dividends received from the commission pool will be higher. When the dividend rate is 20% in the state without lockup, it increases by 20% for every 30 days during the lockup period and the dividend rate becomes 80% at a lockup for 90 days for the maximum.

Voice of users who obtained “achievements” in trade mining

As mentioned above, XEX is an issued token for the amount corresponding to the trade fees that are subsequently returned to the user. Unlike other exchanges, XEX distributes up to 80% of the exchange fee earnings as well as returning of fees to users with reference to XEX holdings and lockup periods. In other words, it is possible to receive two types of compensation: “reduction of fees by XEX” and “redemptions according to holding amount.” This time I would like to introduce the voice of the user who actually obtained great results by trade mining the XEX token by using CROSS exchange.

purchase XEX token

Voice of the XEX holder XXXX

I tried automatic trading mining for 6 days with 2 BTC and 2 BTC worth of USDT!
As a result, I got about 280,000 XEX tokens in 6 days!
Today’s dividend is 16,343 Yen!
At first it was a little less, but it gradually increased and finally it was 16,000 Yen. If this continues for 30 days it just will be over 500,000 Yen!
This system is really amazing!
Although 1 XEX is about 9.4 Yen now, I think that the price of XEX will be considerably higher after 90 days, next year will be a pleasure if I can get more gains.

Below is the captured image of XEX holder XXXX’s actual payout screen:

Voice of C participating from pre-mining of XEX

I deposited 1.5 BTC on November 20 and joined in from pre-mining.
By December 5th, I was able to earn 2,781 dollars (310,000 Yen) by payments only.
I decided to try trade mining solely based on the hype and momentum presuming it probably had a high learning curve. I was not expecting results like!
With the development of CROSS exchange, we can expect a rise in the price of XEX tokens, and I would like to continue this in the future.

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In this way, if you can hear positive voices from multiple users that have actually used the platform, it is as if you used it as well! Expectations will increase as daily dividends are increasing day by day. Especially if you do not trade on opening an account, Why not take this opportunity to get the XEX token and start trade mining?