[80,000 Yen Guaranteed] Triple the Return on White Day triples♪ ♡ Gift BOX campaign ♡

Crypto asset exchange CROSS exchange (crossexchange.io) is holding a White Day Gift Box Campaign ♡ from February 10, 2019 to February 28, 2019!

【Campaign Schedule】

February 28, 2019 13:00 JST – March 31, 1912 12:59 JST

【Gift details】

Two gifts are prepared this time. Especially with the second offering, the White Day BIGBOX, there is an efficient winning method to get this consistently.

White Day Box 2019 you can receive hourly

Three people will win a lottery drawing among those who mine during the White Day BOX 2019 period (with 2,019 XEX coins) every hour.

The No.1 Miner wins a White Day BIG BOX

A White Day BIGBOX (5,000 XEX coins = approximately $800 equivalent ※ with 90-Days with lock-up) will be presented daily to people with the No. 1 mining volume! Even if first place is more than one person, a BIG BOX will be given to everyone who reaches the daily upper mining limit of 48,000 XEX through automatic mining unconditionally.

【Present conditions for winning】

① Both manual mining in the trading area and automatic mining in the mining plan are targeted during the campaign period.
② Only mining through Mining 90/60/30 is applicable. Do not select Mining 0.
If you earn the No. 1 mining position for the day, you will receive a White Day BIGBOX of 5,000 XEX coins (with a 90-Day lock-up).

Rankings are announced on a special page from periodically.

White Day ♡ Gift Box Campaign ♡ Special Page

【Notes on participation】

・ A BOX can be opened up to 72 hours (3 days) after the end of the campaign.
・ Please note that the special page will be deleted after the period and you will not be able to obtain the Gift Box.
・ XEX coins in all gift boxes are locked up with the “Premium 90” of the revenue sharing plan.

【80,000 Yen equivalent of XEX is easy money! ]

In order to guarantee this White Day BIGBOX, you can get it by mining 48,000 XEX, so let’s definitely mine 2,000 XEX every hour! As a point of caution, be sure to start the campaign every day at 13:00 JST. If you mine 48,000 XEX in 24 hours from 12:59 from the next day, you can guarantee yourself a win.
Furthermore, if you select Mining 90 and mine, XEX can be mined at 130%, so 48,000 XEX can be mined with a 30% discount, so anyone with enough money can consistently GET a White Day BIGBOX using this rule of thumb.

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Triple the Return on White Day♪ ♡ Gift Box Campaign ♡
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