Rare Exchange Tokens!? What is XEX Token Handled at CROSS exchange?

CROSS Exchange is scheduled to issue exclusive coins similar to FCoin’s FT token and Binance’s BNB token. In this article, I will explain the outline and future considerations of XEX, which is its own currency.

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What is proprietary token XEX

Unlike XCR issued in the ICO of CROSS, XEX is a unique token of CROSS exchange and is scheduled to be published by CROSS exchange in the near future. Even though no tokens are issued currently, eventually a user will make a transaction at CROSS Exchange, which will start operations from November 20, and the amount of XEX tokens corresponding to the fee will be granted. As a user, in addition to getting returned fees of trading, many XEX tokens are given as long as the price of XEX itself is cheap, so it is an incentive to establish CROSS Exchange at an early stage.

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How XEX is issued

When XEX users make transactions within CROSS exchange, XEX is issued to users with an amount equivalent to 100% to 130% of the transaction amount.

① User conducts transaction between BTC and ETH
② Transaction fees are saved in the fee pool
③ XEX of the amount corresponding to the fee paid is issued and granted to the user
④ 80% of the amount saved in the fee pool is allocated to each user according to the holding amount of XEX

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Regarding distributions of fee income

XEX allows the user to get by reducing the fee in a lockup, but you cannot buy and sell the token during the lockup period. By performing this lockup, it is possible to obtain a better payout ratio when 80% of the transaction fee is allocated according to the holding amount of XEX.

* 0 days Lock-up: Dividend rate 20%
* 30 days lockup: Dividend rate 40%
* 60 days lockup: Dividend rate 60%
* 90 days lockup: Dividend rate 80%

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How can I earn profits from trade mining XEX?

As mentioned above, XEX will be issued to the user according to the transaction fee and will be returned to the user. However, unlike other exchanges tokens, XEX will return 80% of the exchange fee earnings to the user with reference to the XEX holdings. In other words, it is possible to receive two types of compensation: “reduction of fees by XEX” and “redemption according to holding amount.” Of course XEX itself can also be traded on CROSS Exchange, so you can sell the tokens and make profit.
Let’s see a concrete example. For easier calculation, 1 BTC will be 1 million Yen and ETH will be 100,000 Yen. If you trade 1 BTC (1 million Yen) and 10 ETH (1 million Yen) on CROSS Exchange, the commission is 1,000 Yen as the commission fee is 0.1%. Normally, this fee will be taken by the exchange, but in the case of CROSS Exchange, XEX tokens equivalent to 1,000 Yen are distributed to users. Next time we trade again with 1 BTC using the 10 ETH you got in the deal, you get another XEX token for 1,000 yen!
By repeating this, you can increase your XEX token holdings as this is trade mining at CROSS Exchange. Normally, 100% of the fee is returned as a XEX token, but the percentage of the fee returned by setting the lockup period for the mined token can be increased up to 130%.
* The locked token cannot be traded during the lockup period.
* 0 days lockup: commission return rate 100%
* 30 days lock up: commission return rate 108%
* 60 days lock-up: commission return rate 118%
* 90 days lock up: commission return rate 130%
In other words, if the price of the XEX token is maintained, the profit will increase simply by conducting trade mining.

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What are the benefits of holding XEX?

One of the big advantages is the allocation of fee income of the exchanges listed above. If you increase the number of XEX tokens you hold by conducting trade mining, the amount that you can earn for that amount will also increase. In addition, this fee revenue is also distributed as a major feature only in major currencies such as BTC, ETH, and XRP! There was a similar structure in FCoin, but since FCoin’s revenue dividend also included minor currencies with low volume, in this respect it can be said that the majority of trade mining income will increase for CROSS Exchange.In addition, if you have XEX tokens you will automatically receive dividends from the exchange, so few people try to sell XEX tokens on the market. This increases the possibility of getting double revenue from the rise in the XEX token itself and dividends.

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What will happen to the price of XEX?

If the user decides to sell XEX rather than hold XEX for the dividend income, prospective profits will be expected more from selling XEX tokens and as a result the price itself will gradually decline.

However, XEX has a “fund holding frame” and XEX tokens mined by exchanges will be pooled as a “fund frame” of 20% of its emission amount. The XEX token saved in the “Fund Frame” is used to periodically buy XEX from the market and it is not used for other uses. This total amortization of XEX will be reduced by this purchase amortization act, and as a result will become scarcer. Maintenance of token price and price increases can be expected.

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Exchanges such as FCoin and exchanges with dividends have the impression that it is difficult to maintain the token price, but with CROSS Exchange having wonderful effort behind it not found in past exchanges, it looks like they have a chance to maintain and improve their token price.
Since CROSS Exchange (Cross Exchange) is scheduled to be released on November 25, it is important to register early and start trading.