Announced that CROSS exchange will carry out a large-scale reduction using the CROSS exchange fund in May! !

Cross exchange based in Azerbaijan, the Middle East, announced a large-scale reduction using the fund space on April 20. This time, I would like to introduce to everyone of CROSS exchange users and those who have not yet used CROSS exchange.

What is CROSS exchange

In addition to transparency by disclosing trading platforms, transaction data, etc. to users and “Cross exchange”, the company has acquired financial license No. 1 of virtual currency in Azerbaijan Republic and is putting emphasis on robustness as an exchange. You It is also characterized by the fact that there are many mechanisms for returning profits to users through fee payouts based on unique tokens and “automatic mining” functions that can not be seen on other exchanges.
In addition, CROSS exchange has other features. Also in the development of high-security cryptographic asset wallet [X wallet], LIBERTY (LES), which was listed the other day, showed a temporary rise of 50000% on the first day and became a big topic.

What is the CROSS exchange fund quota

In Cross exchange, a fee and double worth of XEX token will be issued for each physical trade. At that time, half of the XEX tokens are reduced to the trader, and the other half of the XEX tokens are given to the operation. The operation stock 40% of the XEX tokens in the fund limit.

What specific reductions do you have with the CROSS exchange fund

It seems that there are two types of reductions in this announcement of CROSS exchange.

1.XEX token redemption & burn

At this CROSS exchange, we plan to buy back XEX tokens from the fund and burn them. Burn to reduce the total amount of XEX tokens and increase the value per token. In addition, the total amount of XEX tokens will be reduced, which will also affect the per capita revenue share.
For example, if the amount of revenue is 10 million yen, if 1000 pieces of XEX tokens are issued, the amount of revenue per piece is 10,000 yen, and if 10000 pieces, it will be 1,000 yen. The smaller the number of issues and the larger the amount of revenue, the greater the revenue distribution.
With the current CROSS exchange fund, as described above, it will be a move to increase the value and revenue distribution per XEX token.
Implementation period: May 1 to the end of May

Reduce part of XEX tokens held by two funds to users

In this cross exchange fund reduction, we plan to return part of the fund’s XEX tokens to users who meet certain conditions. The details of the conditions have not been announced yet.
Implementation period: during May

Future fund policy

In this announcement, there was a word that suggested the future return of the fund limit.
Future implementation plan
Target audience: Those who own XEX at CROSS exchange (The amount of reduction, the reduction method changes depending on the number of holdings and the degree of contribution).
Implementation period: once a quarter (every 3 months)
CROSSexchange values ​​XEX Holders and wants to grow with them. We will continue to make efforts to return more revenue for further development. Please look forward to it in the future. The CROSSexchange Team

[Reference: CROSS exchange]

It seems that there will be an XEX token return from the fund limit once every three months. (Reduction rate etc seems to change depending on the degree of contribution)

XEX token price after announcement

The price of the XEX token has risen sharply at this announcement. I don’t know if the user’s rating on this announcement has risen, but there will be burns in the future, so it may be that people with good sensitivity have been charged.


Wasn’t this announcement a very good announcement for users? I took off the management to steer immediately to keep the user’s feelings away. Also, is it one of the few exchanges operated by users? I think the author.