CROSS exchange Announces Release of Launchpad!!

CROSS exchange, based in Azerbaijan in the Middle East, announced the release of its IEO platform CROSS exchange Launchpad on April 1st. In this article, I would like to introduce this new feature to current and future users of CROSS exchange.

What is CROSS exchange

In addition to full transparency by disclosing their trading platform transaction data to users through “CROSS exchange,” the company has acquired the first cryptocurrency financial license in Azerbaijan and is putting emphasis on becoming a robust exchange. Another feature is that there are many mechanisms for returning profits to users through fee payouts based on unique tokens and “automatic mining” functions not seen on other exchanges.
In addition, CROSS exchange is also working on the development of a high-security crypto asset wallet [X wallet]. LIBERTY (LES), which was listed a few weeks ago, showed a temporary rise of 50,000% on the first day making headlines.

What is the CROSS exchange Launchpad

CROSS exchange recruits promising projects and supports them. In addition, tokens will be sold by CROSS exchange’s proprietary IEO platform. The CROSS Exchange Launchpad, which will be released this soon, is simply an IEO platform. The cryptocurrencies to have an IEO are not announced yet. However, as long as such announcements are made, it is likely that the public offering will be in the near future.

What actually is an IEO

IEO, which stands for Initial Exchange Offering, is similar to an ICO in that it uses crypto assets to raise funds. The difference with ICOs is that the exchange selects a project to handle. Selected projects are then funded on the exchange.
The 2017 ICO boom is also rampant with a variety of fraudulent projects, with a small number of fraud victims. Therefore, Binance, currently said to be the world’s best crypto asset exchange, has launched their IEO platform. The advantage of IEOs is that the exchange scrutinizes the project, allowing investors to invest more safely than participating in ICOs. In addition, since it is decided that IEO will be listed on the exchange, investors have the advantage of being able to invest with more safety.

IEO return rates

If you are able to participate in IEOs with high consistency, the assets will be multiplied several times. Looking at Binance alone:
BitTorrent (BTT) 6.47 times
Fetch.AI (FET) 2.37 times
Celer Network (CELR) 2.76 times
【Reference:>Binance, Huobi, OKex IEO participation condition, return rates so far】
In addition, China’s cryptocurrency exchange ( will look to fund approximately $3 billion (approximately ¥ 330 billion) in one week through an IEO (initial exchange offering) on ​​the 14th, they announced their recently.
[Reference: coin telegraph]

How to participate on the CROSS exchange Launchpad

There are XEX tokens that are the CROSS exchange exchange tokens. It seems that through XEX tokens users will be able to participate in IEOs at CROSS exchange. I think that it is fine to accumulate XEX tokens as there are no announcements yet.


The current trend in IEOs has many benefits. There are places where it is difficult for individuals to judge the legitimacy or shadiness of each project, but if it is a well-operated exchange, information such as natural good projects should be included. As for CROSS exchange, although it has not been running as long as other exchanges, the operations should be solid from the fact the exchange holds frequent meet-ups. I think that the success of the IEO is largely related to the creditworthiness of the exchange. Based on that, I think it is good to join in on IEOs.