CROSS exchange announces Wowoo (WWB) listing schedule!

Although CROSS exchange announced two new listing dates for crypto assets, Wowoo (WWB) has officially decided its listing schedule.
In this article I would like to show you the listing schedule for Wowoo (WWB) and LIBERTY (LES).

What is CROSS exchange

It is the first exchange asset mining platform to implement a crypto asset exchange authorized by the Azerbaijan government, with high performance of mining revenue being favorably evaluated by many investors.

Wowoo (WWB) listing schedule

3/14 13:00 Deposits begin
3/15 13:00 Trading starts

LIBERTY (LES) Listing schedule

Pending – Deposits begin
Pending – Trading starts

What is Wowoo / LIBERTY that are to be listed?

Wowbit (WWB) is a cryptocurrency token that runs on the NEO platform.
Wowoo is a token chain economy based ecosystem designed to bring new value to impacting projects using blockchain technology. Wowoo is a community that is serious about spreading blockchain technology to create new economic value. Liberty seems to be using Wowoo’s SAC (Smart Active Control) system for this Ecosystem. SAC is a mechanism for designing new tokens on the platform where users can freely define token features for each project.

Wowoo (WWB)

Wowbit is a cryptocurrency developed based on NEO that has been developed to express gratitude and emotion in the form of donating money in order to visualize emotion. It has gained attention in Japan as it is being developed under the initiative of Wowoo, a subsidiary of OKWAVE based in Singapore. In addition, they are supporting ICOs through Wowoo’s platform, and are developing a multi-faceted service such as the planning of opening exchanges.
More Wowoo (WWB) information is summarized below.
What is the Crypto Asset Wowoo (WWB)? Intro to its Features


Liberty is a project that aims for a free organization operation with development being started by the Liberty Ecosystem Laboratory LLC and ETA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. With this token, it is possible to realize a public distributed platform. Since Liberty is aiming to integrate national administration and blockchain, it is a project adopting the Wowoo platform in cooperation with the American Conservative Union (ACU).
More detailed LIBERTY (LES) information is summarized below.
What is the Crypto Asset Liberty (LES)? Intro to its Features