QuickBUY function released on CROSS exchange

CROSS exchange, based in Azerbaijan in the Middle East, has announced a new feature on its exchange. We will explain the new features that became available on the official website on March 18th.

Cross exchange is an Azerbaijan government’s first approved crypto asset exchange that has implemented exchange mining and is highly regarded by many investors for its high performance of mining revenue. The XEX token (XEX) that is issued by CROSS exchange, entitles each user to a revenue distribution and a technical analysis was also conducted yesterday on Coin Market Media.

XEX Token (XEX) Technical Analysis
【The Time to13Buy】XEXSuggests continuation of “stable rising trend”

The attraction of XEX tokens

The XEX token, which continues to renew its listed highs, has been officially trading since November 25, 2018, and those who have initially joined have received a ¥ 500,000 dividend in just 5 days with only investing ¥ 5,000.
XEX tokens, which returns up to 80% in exchange revenue to users daily, are also very attractive to users. For example, if trading volume of the exchange reaches the top 30, the exchange will raise about 300 million Yen in one day. If it becomes 80%, about 240 million yen will be reimbursed to the XEX token holders. The dividend on March 16, 2018 was approximately 28.84 million Yen, and the number of issues is 711,892,120 XEX.
The dividend per XEX token is approximately 0.04 yen.

Normal trade mining

With CROSS exchange, you can get XEX tokens for commissions through your trading. The system that automates this transaction is automatic trade mining. You can set a plan when conducting trade mining where users can earn up to up to 130% in XEX tokens.

Also, if you lock your XEX tokens obtained through automatic mining in a revenue sharing plan, you can get up to 80% of the exchanges trade revenue (the more XEX tokens you have, the more dividends you will earn).
Traditional systems conduct automatic mining and then you need to set up a revenue sharing plan manually. You can easily buy XEX and set the revenue sharing plan as is.
I think that the QuickBUY function will be well liked by anyone who wants to buy XEX as it allows users to set a revenue sharing plan at the time of purchase. However, unlike automatic mining, it seems that there will be no refund fee bonus presently, so if you are setting up automatic mining, I think it is better to use QuickBUY if you want acquire XEX tokens fast as possible.
Release date: March 15, 2019 (Fri) 13:00 (JST)

How to use QuickBUY

Step 1: Select QuickBUY on the screen

Step 2: Select Currency to Buy XEX (BTC or USDT)

Step 3: Choose a lock-up plan

Step 4: Enter Purchase Quantity

Step 5: Press the “Buy XEX” button

That is all.

Buy with confidence
The purchase price presents the best price of XEX from CROSS exchange and will be filled in turn
You can buy as much as you want
There is no hidden costs, as the payment currency (BTC or USDT) quantity is entered first
Even easy for beginners
It’s a bit difficult to buy at the exchange, as some people who think the process is too meticulous can use it immediately to make a quick purchase
Immediate asset management
Another advantage of Quick Purchase is that it locks up with a “Revenue Sharing Plan” at the same time as the purchase, and the dividend rate is significantly higher than holding XEX without a lock-up
Large buyer friendly
Recommended for large buyers who want to acquire a large amount quantity at once!

・ Minimum purchase price: ・ BTC = 0.003 BTC ・ USDT = 10USDT
・ Maximum purchase price / day: 96,000 XEX

・ Manual mining: 48,000
・ Auto mining: 48,000
・ Quick purchase: 96,000

Total: 192,000 XEX / day


The new tool “QuickBUY” from CROSS exchange seems to be very easy to use. However, as mentioned above, I think that if you are not doing automatic mining and try to collect XEX tokens with QuickBUY alone, it would be a bit useless.  It is recommended to use this QuickBUY with a 130% return for automatic mining. If you use QuickBUY, you will dramatically increase the number of XEX tokens that can be obtained per day, so I hope you take advantage of this feature.