What is Next Generation SNS, ALIS or Steemit Using the Blockchain?

Do you know about the platform that posts articles and you can receive virtual currency on evaluation of the article? In this article, we will explain next-generation SNS, ALIS and Steemit using blockchain.

What is ALIS

ALIS is an SNS project that is the first to utilize blockchain in Japan and started its ICO in September 2017.
The concept is to create a “platform that can quickly reach trustworthy articles and people” in the world full of unreliable articles and information on the Internet. We do not need SEO measures dependent on Google like conventional blogs, and when we write good articles, we aim to evaluate them and obtain rewards according to the evaluations. Currently they are publishing a closed beta version and it is possible to post articles on limited topics.
The token is simple with one type of ALIS token, and adopts the logic of PoI (Proof of Importance) which appreciates the longer it is held in the Wallet.

What is Steemit

Steemit was developed in March 2016 as an SNS on the Blockchain database called Steem by Daniel Larimer, founder and developer of BitShares. The basic concept as SNS is similar to other blog sites and social news websites, but it has the feature that posted texts are saved on its blockchain. By using the blockchain, it gives rewards using tokens for posts and comments on them. Users can vote on posts and comments, and creators of voted content can receive compensation in cryptocurrency. Users can also earn rewards by curating popular content. Furthermore, there is an evaluation system of accounts, evaluation changes by voting, and help involved to improve manners of users.
Steemit has three kinds of tokens: STEEM, Steem Dollars, and STEEM Power. You can choose between 50% Steam Dollars and 50% STEEM Power or 100% STEEM Power for receiving rewards. STEEM can be traded on exchanges like other cryptocurrencies as its value changes dynamically. Steem Dollars can be easily converted to STEEM, STEEM Power and Steemit, so this token is easy to cash in via STEEM. STEEM Power does not fluctuate and cannot easily be converted or transferred, but in addition to the high interest rate, the influence on SNS rises according to the holding amount = increased rewards.
Keeping these three tokens well while grasping their features is key to earning a lot of rewards.

Difference between ALIS and Steemit

ALIS and Steemit are often compared as SNS projects utilizing the same blockchain. Let’s focus on the difference between the two projects.
As a difference between the business models of the two projects, while Steemit places “compensation” as its own value, ALIS stands for “to be able to quickly approach reliable articles and people,” and places payments for develop of the platform. The bigger difference is that the number of tokens is different. In Steemit, three kinds of tokens with different uses are used, but ALIS has one kind of token, thus the development team thinks selling ALIS is more simplified.

In this way, various differences can be seen even in SNS using the same type of blockchain. So why not create a blog with the free account creation feature and earn cryptocurrency with this opportunity?