High Yield HYIP Deals for Crypto Assets that Should Never be Invested In

Recently, there are many fraudulent cases in which encryption assets are invested and high-yielding returns are obtained frequently, and we have come to see the information frequently through LINE and SNS. The HYPE project, which used to raise investments in the legal currency until now, is now in a situation where it is easy to attract investment globally due to the appearance of cryptographic assets.
HYIP refers to high-yield investment projects that offer a high-yield dividend of over 1000% per annum. However, the basics are for fraudulent purposes, so it is by no means a matter of whether it is possible to invest in HYIP projects because it is a cryptographic asset.

What is a HYIP

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) refers to a high yield deal. It is a system that can automatically receive daily dividends simply by depositing funds in HYIP, and there are many projects with a daily interest rate of 1 to 7%, which is much higher than general daily interest rates.
For example, if you deposit 100,000 yen at a daily rate of 1%, you can get a dividend of 1000 yen every day, so if you continue for 30 days, you will get a yield of 30,000 yen.
“Why are HYIP deals high yield?”
“HYIP deal is not risk but gambling”
Even in financial transactions such as stocks and FX, there are no deals with high interest rates up to this point, and it is not something that can be given a high dividend because it is a cryptographic asset investment. It can be said that it is a very valuable investment if it sees only Nikkei and judges. However, please do not invest in HYIP deals, as it is a gambling that the operator will suddenly disappear without being an investment because it is a fraud regardless of value.

Two common HYIP mechanisms

The main mechanisms of HYIP projects are classified into the following two.
・ Ponzi scheme
・ Medical class
I will explain in order.

Ponzi scheme

With the Ponzi scheme, although it is stated that high-yield asset management is possible, the investment from a new investor is distributed as a dividend to the existing investor without recourse to actually manage it, and it is finally a scam that disappears.
By acting in this way, you can make it appear to investors as if there is actually an operating profit.
However, although it is possible to pay dividends while there is a new investor, it is finally the time when it is not possible to acquire a new investor, so the person who made the final investment cannot obtain a dividend, it will disappear with funds from the fraud group on the operating side.
Furthermore, as a marketing method, it is carried out through solicitation activities called MLM (multiline marketing), so-called “network business”.

Mouse lecture

A class is an illegal activity such as “infinite chain of classes” and is often recognized as confused with MLM.
Although MLM can earn a reward as a referral fee if it acquires new customers, there is a difference that some funds paid by a new investor will be paid in the class.
As with the Ponzi scheme, the project does not use the funds to manage the project and ends at the moment when the investors are gone.

HYIP deal fraud

Examples of HYIP projects are as follows.
・ D9 club
・ Bit connect
・ Light rise
I will explain in order.

D9 club

The D9 Club, founded in Brazil in 2003, is said to have made a huge profit of 10% daily interest on ship freight investments. By becoming a member, investors to D9 can receive 1% of profits as dividends.
In fact, there are no problems with entering and receiving encrypted assets such as Bitcoin and payment of dividends, and a large event was held at a well-known hotel in Japan, so many users trust it. I was investing in a D9 club.
However, eventually the dividend stopped and the investors lost the funds they invested.


BitConnect is a cryptographic asset developed by Bit Connect, and many users have invested in Bit Connect because of the high interest rates available for holding funds and lending.
However, we announced the closing of the exchange in the wake of having received a business suspension order in January 2018. As a result, Bit Connect prices crashed and investors lost the money they invested.

Light rise

Wright Rise developed a sensor to capture highway speeding and was an investment case where 40% of the offending money was received from the British government.
However, since it became impossible to withdraw from March 2017 and disappeared while holding a large amount of capital, it is considered a fraud case.


・ HYIP deals with many times higher yields than regular investment deals but is a fraud.
・ The management company of HYIP for the purpose of fraud is operated on the premise that it suddenly disappears.
-HYIP deals that use cryptographic assets are described as being mistaken for revenue.
As I mentioned above, I introduced the actual example that HYIP deal forgives, but never see it as investment.
People who are invited from acquaintances and never invest, but invest in a project that returns earnings to investors from revenues obtained through services that are managed in a visible manner, such as exchanges of cryptographic assets that distribute dividends from earnings It is recommended to research and invest in such services and projects, as it can make it easier to increase assets.