Is a sign of divine the market? Bubble and crash the meaning of the boy’s Shoe Shine

Everyone is a story that perceive the Great Depression in the pre- story of the boy’s shoe shine you know how.
In this article, based on this story, virtual currency will explain what is approaching to the collapse of the bubble economy.

Story of the boy’s Shoe Shine

Just before the New York Stock Exchange market crash of 1929, the United States was the unprecedented stock boom. Meanwhile, Joseph · F · Kennedy (35th President of the United States John · F · Kennedy’s father) is also a great success in the stock investment, has built up a great wealth.
Joseph predicted the market crash in the wake of “that”, survived it, and it is said that. The anecdote is the story of a boy of shoe polish.
Joseph One day, I had to polish the shoes to the boy on the street. Its midst, boy’s Shoe Shine said such a thing.
“Uncle, here only of the story, absolute lucrative I should have bought the now ○○ of the brand!”
Joseph listen to the words of this boy, ” is abnormal Nante to talk of strain to the boy’s Shoe Shine, Ltd. After this people buy is no more, here is the stock price at the ceiling to! slump considered “, immediately sell off the stock, it is said to have escaped.

Someone “shoeshine boy” in the virtual currency

Based on this anecdote, let’s think about the bubble of virtual currency.
Virtual currency market is 2017, we showed the excitement of enough to be called a “virtual currency first year”. Not only Bitcoin has exceeded the 2 million yen in Japanese yen, showing a number of Alto coin explosive price increases, market capitalization also increased sharply, investors investment funds has become in a few tens to hundreds of times It was no less.
However, huge amounts of hacking from the beginning of 2018, China’s regulations, takes place a number of negative events such as the tether turmoil, the price of Bitcoin fell to less than half.
A look at the collapse of such a price, further now that has come to many eyes the word “virtual currency” on TV and in the streets, I thought as a “virtual currency bubble than that toward the other collapse?” who also might be many.
However, Who will you or the “shoe shine boy” in the virtual currency .
In the case of virtual currency, not unlike the conventional financial instruments, “young people who do not have much money” is applicable. To the virtual currency is the possible investment from small, because more of the young people is likely to issue a sensitive and hand with a new one.
In other words, that is a true reverse ” the most far away people from the virtual currency ” is “Shoe Shine Boy” in this case, it is difficult to incorporate the new information the elderly is.

The collapse of the bubble economy of the virtual currency is still ahead

Current virtual currency Although became known to the word what a lot of people, or have a knowledge of virtual currency itself, human or not actually held only a small part.
Still, those suspicious for many people, what may the true character, is the recognition that.
The status quo is completely changed, just signs of the collapse of the bubble is the time when everyone began to start investing in virtual currency to the elderly or would not say that.

In this way, we can predict the future of the market from the signs of current by looking at the flow of the past of the collapse of the bubble economy. Let’s keep track of items they’re investing is whether a what kind of recognition in the world.