A Simple Explanation of the “CROSS” Project Contents!

What is CROSS

CROSS is a platform project creating an application infrastructure to enable “value exchange” using tokens. CROSS aims to create a decentralized economic zone centered on the next generation distributed exchange. “Value exchange” here is not limited to crypto currencies. Written on the homepage is “Distributed Value Exchange Platform,” but in simple terms it is “the ultimate barter platform.” “Making everything in the world a digital asset and providing services that everyone can use conveniently” is the theme of the project and what is necessary for realizing this through blockchain technology.

Intro video link:https://youtu.be/vxylHwOZLsY

To exchange physical assets such as goods and data around the world, various procedures are necessary wasting time and incurring costs. In order to solve this problem, CROSS uses the blockchain and a token economy to create a future where anyone can easily sell and purchase.
With the CROSS project, digital assets of goods and services such as real estate, goods, and information from around the world can be converted to digital assets using blockchain technology. The team decided to build a “distributed value exchange platform” based around the XCR token (CROSS token). From the token purchaser side, there is no risk that fake goods and inferior goods are purchased at a high price, thus possibility of constructing routes for material procurement around the world is expanded. As a user of the CROSS platform, one will be able to acquire real estate in a country where foreigners were unable to purchase or digitalize their products and ideas and sell them globally.

Future of CROSS

In the near future almost all physical assets in the world will be digitally managed. However, there is a problem that the cost maintenance of physical assets is high. CROSS project is here to solve that problem by digitizing them.
With the development of the Internet, there is no information gap to the world allowing many people to transmit information and conduct business. By using a “decentralized value exchange platform” developed by CROSS, it is easier to purchase and sell assets that users own globally, regardless of another user’s location, time, country, or ethnic background. In this project, they are also trying to equalize the playing field for people around the world.
Perhaps the size of the project is too large and some people do not fully understand this vision, but it is certain that CROSS is trying to create a convenient and ideal economic zone. Let’s keep our eyes on the CROSS project going forward.

CROSS English Homepage: https://cross.technology/en/