Rankings for Notable ICO Recommendations

We will introduce four ICO projects that are drawing attention.

1st Place: CROSS Exchange

“CROSS” is based in Azerbaijan, which is said to be “the second Dubai,” and is a project that aims to expand globally in the future. Fintech company XBANK Co., Ltd. and Switch Smile Co., Ltd. using a worldwide Beacon platform, are developing and cooperating in this project.

Project Overview

“CROSS” is a platform for everyone to enable the tokenization of assets and to exchange and trade digital assets globally. By using the blockchain, users can utilized appropriate services at a fair price. “CROSS” is an excellent platform that can be used globally even in actual business.
The reason why “CROSS” was ranked first is because it completed completion of fund raising equivalent to about 300 million Yen in cryptocurrency in its First Phase back in December 2017. Soon after the first round of funding, it starting development and they now have a working product that is functional.
* Succeeded in financing crypto currency equivalent to 3M USD (about 300 million Yen) during Round A
* Some products have already been completed. (X wallet, basic version of X manager completed)
* Acquired official exchange license in Azerbaijan (XCR core transaction)
* I don’t think there are other projects that have made this much progress in the same timeframe utilizing the tools they have demonstrated

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2nd Place: KIZUNA

project overview

「”KIZUNA” is a service specialized in SNS connecting athletes and fans.
It has three distinctive features.
1.A new type of SNS that supports “athletes” with many fans gathering mainly as “athletes”
2.Athletes” register an application creating a free “fan room” host. If the athlete does not get support, the fans can open a fan room of a specific athlete.
3.By collaborating with “companies” that support “athletes,” we will build the benefits of companies, athletes, and fans over the long term.
They are already collaborating with many companies and will create a new form of sports network. Although details of the ICO have not been disclosed, it has become a topic with the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.

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3rd Place: B21

“B21” is a service that invests and manages cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform.

Project Overview

Investment in cryptocurrency is thought to be complicated with a high hurdle, but if you use the “B21” application, investment in cryptocurrency can be started simply by setting investment amount and target amount. Since we can change investment allocation and investment assets at any time, it has a chance to be used broadly.
In addition, if you use the “B21 token” you get an incentive to settle on the platform.
★ detailed information can be seen here ➡ B21

4th Place: QuarkChain(QKC)

QuarkChain is a high-throughput blockchain that aims to achieve millions of transactions per second. Since Bitcoins can only record transactions once every ten minutes, its slow processing speed and delays have become a big problem. On the other hand, QuarkChain aims at a processing speed which exceeds VISA credit cards and Bitcoin.
↓ Introduction video of QuarkChain

project overview

An introduction to the features of QuarkChain.
Fast transaction speeds
In QuarkChain, in order to achieve fast transaction speeds, two “layers” are built at the time of mining. In the first layer, they will divide the nodes into teams and let each team handle those different transactions. With Bitcoins, all minors check the same transaction, whereas QuarkChain will handle more efficiently by sharing roles. In the second layer, they record all the disjointed transactions that flowed from the first layer in the blockchain. With these features, QuarkChain is trying to realize super high speed transactions.

Smart contracts and cross chains
Since QuarkChain is based on Ethereum, it has smart contract functionality. Furthermore, you can exchange coins on different blockchains on so called cross chains.


1st:CROSS Exchange
Although ICOs have attracted attention as a new fundraising method, it is also a means for regular investors to officially support new projects. Those listed here are reliable ICOs, so if you are interested please join.