Kodak One Wins Success with ICO License | Towards a New Frontier of ICO Investment

Kodak One Wins Success with ICO License | Towards a New Frontier of ICO Investment

Speaking of Kodak (Kodak), many people may imagine a yellow photographic film in black. A long time ago, the corporate image of a leading manufacturer of photographic supplies in the United States was mainstream.
However, without being able to change the analog business policy, Kodak is swallowed by the surge of the digitization wave. While reducing the size of the company, this time in an effort to follow the trend of new digitization (FinTech, AI, etc.), we announced the entry into the blockchain industry in partnership with a company called WENN Digital.
Not to mention the example of a company entering a blockchain, Kodak has also developed its own cryptographic assets. The name is “KodakCoin”, and this is successful with over 5 billion yen funding.
This time, let’s forecast the future change of ICO while analyzing the success cases of KodakCoin.


Kodak One raises 5 billion yen with ICO

Licensed by Kodak, WENN Digital offers Kodak One, an image copyright platform. Blockchain technology has been applied to this Kodak One, allowing photographers around the world to store their work in encrypted form.
The Kodak One issued the token “KodakCoin” in May 2018. The general public offering of ICO (funding with cryptographic assets) took place from May 21 and asked for funding from investors widely.
As a result, Kodak Coin has successfully raised as much as $ 50 million (approximately 5.4 billion yen), and has achieved the largest-ever record of an ICO. Then, the point to be worried about as an investor is Kodak Coin’s future listing news.
Unfortunately, as of May 13, 2019, Kodak Coin has not been listed yet. However, in the same way, ICO was listed one after another on famous exchanges such as Binance (Binance), led by Ada Coin (ADA) and EOS (EOS), which also achieved great success in ICO. Kodak Coin, which received a great deal of attention from ICO, is also expected to be close to the day when the listing will be decided on a major exchange.

Kodak One license income is over 100 million yen

The fact that Kodak Coin has gained popularity with ICO means that there are many investors who look forward to the Kodak One’s business model. Kodak One’s business model is mainly based on licensing.
Users (mostly photographers) who join Kodak One’s blockchain will store their photos and works on this chain. The picture data is encrypted and distributed and stored in the nodes (devices such as PCs) among the participants in the network.
For example, it is virtually impossible to use or process and sell the photos stored in it without permission. When using photos, a security number called an encryption key is required, and since the data is distributed, it cannot be abused illegally (rewriting of all distributed data is necessary).
In other words, for users of Kodak One, this block chain is a very safe place to store work. If other users use photos of others, a license fee will be incurred.
This license fee is paid by KodakCoin, which we introduced earlier, and the user can earn the income immediately. This is Kodak One’s business model, and it can be said that Kodak Coin’s ICO has gained more attention because of its high potential.

What is the secret of Kodak One’s ICO license success?

Not everyone can participate in Kodak One’s ICO. In accordance with the guidelines set by the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission), the brokers who are registered with the FINRA (Financial Trade and Industry Regulatory Organization) supervise the contents of the ICO.
As a condition to participate in this ICO, Kodak One added the element of being limited to investors who hold assets of more than $ 1 million (approximately 110 million yen). In other words, we have severely restricted the people who invest in KodakCoin.
However, as I mentioned earlier, Kodak Coin has had a huge success in attracting over 5 billion yen. The reason for this success may be the strict ICO investment regulations such as SEC and FINRA.
Certainly, although you can only invest in Kodak Coin depending on the size of the asset, strict regulations will increase creditworthiness. Until now, ICO has been a very risky investment environment, with no special regulations or rules, as it is calm and fraudulent. Meanwhile, the SEC’s guidelines and “reliable third-party interventions,” such as FINRA brokers, have made it possible for investors to join ICO with confidence.
From now on, regulations and rules regarding ICO and tokens (a substitute coin such as KodakCoin) should be legally developed. But it takes time. In the future, such “credit” will have a very large weight in the future ICO, and it may be difficult for investors to turn around with conventional financing methods.
Although we have strengthened laws and regulations, and have tightened the conditions for investors to be able to participate, Kodak One will be a great reference for the future of ICO investment.


At first glance, it will lead to the thought that the heat of investment is likely to cool, as ICO regulations are tightened and token sales to investors are limited. However, it must be remembered that the harsh environment for investors leads to their own security, just as Kodak One has succeeded.
Until now, some stocks were listed from ICO and show high growth in the market. This is called the second bitcoin bubble, and from the high rate of price increase, ICO’s investment has attracted attention for a while.
However, for investors, it’s like a tightrope, and risk is always higher than return, so it cannot be called a sound investment. The advent of the Kodak One case will create an environment in which investors can spend money with peace of mind, and a virtuous circle in which businesses can collect a large amount of funds.
The future ICO investment is showing a different aspect from that of a long time ago, and there is also a possibility that a large amount of money may be lost again.