【Switch Smile IR Information】 Started Location Information Marketing Using Beacon and Location DMP in Akihabara

According to PR Times, Switch Smile Co., Ltd. (representative enforcement: Nagahashi Daichi after “switch smile”), which handles a location information marketing platform business in Akihabara, has launched a location information advertising and marketing business using Beacon and location DMP in collaboration with Project White (Representative Director: Kenji Goto “TSUKUMO”) and other stores.

●PRTIMES→Launches position information marketing using location DMP with Beacon in Akihabara

Switch Smile has released location information marketing platform “pinable Ver3.0” using Beacon and location DMP in July and installed it in Akihabara at Value Beacon Network * 1 (Value Beacon Network), which is developed by the company. By combining hundreds of Beacons with Beacon installed by TSUKUMO, it becomes possible to distribute advertisements and deliver information at the optimum timing for segmented users.

What is pinable
Pinable is not an area-like location information platform such as GPS and Wifi, but by it uses beacons to provide solutions for advertisements and marketing analysis that use more pinpoint location information. The big data obtained by them is constructed as a location database, marketing analysis of information including tag information such as attributes, behavior patterns, surrounding environment as well as position information, and making it possible to provide a solution with higher user engagement.

Collaboration with XBANK also
Switch Smile will also participate in XBANK Corporation’s cryptocurrency CROSS project and has started development and demonstration experiments of service linking Beacon and cryptocurrency wallets. XBANK has a business capital alliance with Switch Smile.

Business alliance with XBANK Corporation Participating in the CROSS project” Switch Smile “IR information

Future Developments
Switch Smile, along with pinable, through the Value Beacon Network, is building not only a company and clients but alliances with enterprises that are doing business with location information, thereby building infrastructure for location information.
※ 1 What is the Value Beacon Network
The Value Beacon Network is a model that shares advertising revenue obtained from platform users with each partner (company that installed Beacon, SDK introduction application vendor, advertisement vendor, etc.). They are actively looking for partners.

Listing information
· Pinable http://pinable-dmp.com/
· Switch Smile Corporation http://www.switch-smile.com/

━ Switch Smile Summary ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Company name: Switch Smile Corporation http://www.switch-smile.com/
Head office location: Fukushima prefecture, Koriyama city, Midori-cho 9-12
Head office location: Akasaka Square Building, 2-10-16 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 6th Floor
President Representative Director and President: Nagahashi Ozo
Business contents: Location information (Beacon) Marketing / platform development / provision
LINE API system platform development / provision
IoT Consulting