Commentary on the Latest News from Chart Analysis of Crypto Asset XMR (Monero)

We will explain the latest news from chart analysis of cryptographic asset XMR (Monero).”How has the XMR chart been moving from 2017 to 2019?”

“I want to know the latest news on XMR””Does XMR prices go up or go down?”Do you have such a question?XMR is a cryptographic asset that was developed with emphasis on anonymity of 12th place in the market capitalization ranking. Normally, with Bitcoin, the information that 1 BTC has been transferred from wallet A to the address of wallet B remains on the blockchain, but from that information it is not possible to identify an individual.However, if the address information and the personal information are linked, there is a possibility that the transaction record may be leaked as to who sent whom to whom and how much. XMR, on the other hand, is developed with blockchains that further eliminate bitcoin transparency.What is the price movement of XMR with characteristics not found in other currencies between 2017 and 2019?For beginners this time, we will introduce XMR chart analysis and future trends, latest news, and more.

Chart analysis and trends of XMR

The 1XMR in January 2017 was about 15 usd, but the price soars like any other cryptographic asset, and in January 2018 the price is about 600 usd, which is about 40 times that of the 1 XMR.Unlike BTC and ETH, Alt Coins at the time had a large investment factor for speculative purposes, and the price of Alt Coins such as XMR also rose if the price of BTC goes up.At that time, there was a few seconds of error before the price was reflected in the chart by the exchange chart, so it was possible to increase funds by purchasing XMR after the BTC price moved. In addition, one of the factors behind this is that the use value increased by implementing “multi-signature” for the purpose of strengthening XMR security around November 2017.However, after the Cryptographic Asset Bubble in January 2018, XMR has experienced a long-term downtrend, with the price rising and falling on December 16, 2018, the bottom price has reached 1 XMR $42.
Since then, the market price has been rising to the right until April 2019, but there has been no news that will significantly raise the price of XMR. In recent years, Bitcoin, which ranks first in the market capitalization ranking, is also recovering its price, so it is likely that XMR will rise in the future.

Recent News on XMR

We introduce the latest news of XMR.

End of service of cryptographic asset mining “Coinhive”

Cryptographic asset XMR crashed by about 85% in a year, and it became difficult to operate economically, and the influence of a hard fork of XMR etc. on the cryptographic asset mining tool “Coinhive” has March 8 We have announced that we will stop mining services. Until April 30, 2019, it is possible to view dashboards to check the status of mining.

Docker hacked and used for XMR mining

About 400 servers running the virtual environment software “Docker” have been confirmed to be vulnerable to external attacks.If the user of Docker’s host misconfigures it, the user may be allowed external access, and there is a risk that it may be used for mining cryptographic assets. According to a report by security company Imperva on March 4, it is announced that most of the servers were actually mining cryptographic asset XMR.

Vulnerabilities also found in XMR wallet app

The issue that the illegal deposit was reflected in the wallet app of the cryptographic asset XMR was a topic. This vulnerability is a problem that occurs when the coin-based transaction information is output incorrectly, and a malicious user may be able to forge the deposit of XMR illegally to the exchange etc. I know that.As for the latest XMR, only negative news is coming out, so there is no sign of price increase. Also, since XMR may be pulled by other major coins and its price may increase, let’s also collect information such as BTC and ETH other than XMR.


・ XMR is a cryptographic asset designed with emphasis on anonymity・ XMR has caused about 85% plunge in one year and no signs of recovery yet・ As XMR tends to move with the price movement of other cryptographic assets, it is necessary to keep an eye on other major coin trends.We introduced the latest news from the chart analysis of the cryptographic asset XMR (Monero). Could you refer to it?Because XMR is highly anonymous, it has a risk of being used for crime and tends to be easily regulated. However, if the regulations for safe use of XMR are in place, prices may increase. Let’s pay attention to how society uses XMR’s anonymity in the future.