Commentary on the Latest News from Chart Analysis of Cryptographic Asset XRP (Ripple)

We will explain the latest news from chart analysis of cryptographic asset XRP (ripple).
“How has the XRP chart been moving from 2017 to 2019?”
“I want to know the latest news about XRP”
“Does XRP prices go up or go down?”
Do you have such a question?
XRP is a cryptographic asset with the third largest market capitalization ranking after BTC and ETH. XRP is a cryptographic asset that has strength in international remittance between financial institutions, and while conventional international remittance requires about 3 to 7 days, XRP completes remittance in about 4 seconds. At the same time, major companies and financial institutions in Japan and overseas use their own networks managed by Ripple one after another.
However, the price of XRP is also slumping like BTC and ETH now. From the past trend, the price of XRP is soaring due to the important events where celebrities gather and the introduction of new system, so it is important to obtain the latest news to forecast the movement of XRP in the future.
Therefore, for beginners this time, we will introduce the latest XRP news from XRP chart analysis and trends from 2017 to 2019.

XRP chart analysis and trends

Cryptographic asset XRP is not as volatile as BTC or ETH until November 2017, and the price of XRP as of December 11, 2017 was about $0,22874 for 1 XRP, but it is said to be a soaring asset bubble. As of January 4, 2018, we have recorded 14 times the highest price $3,29167.
Ripple $0.41 × 6.5 million XRP
$2.665 million
Because I put $1.24million,
Unrealized gain is $1.33million
Well come out from the safe?
When the ripple reaches $3.968
2.8 billion
When the ripple reaches $18.45
13 billion
You can really retire when it is $18.45.
It’s the biggest lottery in my life, so don’t sell it.

In this upswing period, Mr. Tsubasa Yozawa, who is known on the Internet and television, is investing in XRP with abundant knowledge and foresight.
As far as the XRP chart is concerned, the price of XRP has not risen for the expected value and possibility. However, some investors have argued that XRP will be the main currency for cryptographic assets in place of BTC, and it is necessary to pay attention to what kind of news will be rising in the future.

For example, due to the announcement of Ripple’s “xRapid” release and the Ripple conference “SWELL” in September and October 2018, the price of XRP has been skyrocketing by about 45 yen in a short time. The results show that the XRP market is susceptible to these fundamentals.
In addition, more than 10 exchanges based on XRP, such as “XRP United” in Estonia, “Artis Turba” in South Africa, and “KOINEX” in India, were created in 2018 to 2019, 2018 On December 24th, Binance, a major overseas exchange, announced that it would be compatible with XRP-based crypto asset pairs.
As of April 2019, there is no sign of rising prices for XRP, but since Ripple has partnered with well-known companies both at home and abroad, there is a great possibility of recovering prices in the long run.

Recent News on XRP

We introduce the latest news of XRP.
XRP was not much affected by the tether shock
On April 26, 2019, the bitcoin price plummeted by about $500  from about $610 to about $560. It is believed that the main cause of this is that the tether was prosecuted by the Attorney General. However, while Alt Coins other than BTC, ETH, and XRP caused a significant drop of 4% or more, the fall rate of XRP was a relatively small effect of about 2.5%. There are two reasons for this: “The president of Kitakyushu SBI Holdings has been announced to be an officer of Ripple,” and “This is positive news for Japanese who have large amounts of XRP.” In the future, President Kitao’s remarks on XRP also need to be checked closely.

Ripple Announces First Quarter 2019 Financial Report

On April 24, 2019, Ripple released its first quarter 2019 financial report. Sales by Cryptographic Asset XRP announced by Ripple increased by about 30% compared to the previous year.
In addition, Ripple announced that XRP was listed on 19 or more exchanges in the first quarter, enabling trading on about 120 exchanges worldwide. In addition, Ripple’s proprietary payment network “RippleNet” has attracted more than 200 customers worldwide.
As you can see, the exchanges handling XRP are steadily increasing.


・ XRP has not shown a big rise for expected value.
・ XRP is sensitive to fundamentals, so it is necessary to keep an eye on events such as important summits and the release of new systems.
・ XRP has the potential to become a key currency for cryptographic assets to replace BTC.
・ President Kitao of SBI Holdings appointed as an officer of Ripple.
We introduced the 2017-2018 chart and latest news of the cryptographic asset XRP. Could you give it a reference?
XRP is a cryptographic asset that is particularly well-received by domestic private investors, so there may be a move to buy XRP for speculative purposes when good news is released. Make sure to keep an eye out for the latest news on a daily basis so as not to miss these price increases.