Commentary on the Latest News from the Chart Analysis of the Crypto Asset Ethereum

“How has the chart for Ethereum been moving?”
“I want to know the latest news about Ethereum.”
“Is the price for Ethereum going up? Will it go down?”
Do you have such questions?
Ethereum is the second largest crypto asset in the market capitalization ranking after Bitcoin. Ethereum serves as a platform for application and token development, and has a payment feature that is not available in Bitcoin called Smart Contract. As a result, many users are looking forward to the ethereal nature of Ethereum.
However, the cryptographic asset market, such as Bitcoin, is now in the midst of a long-term downtrend, and Ethereum prices are also falling significantly.
Therefore, for beginners this time, we will introduce in an easy-to-understand manner the future price trend of Ethereum from chart analysis of Ethereum.

Ethereum chart analysis and trends

Let’s look at the price changes so far while looking at the Ethereum chart.

First of all, the price of Ethereum on January 1st, 2017 was approximately$9, and the market was showing a trend of gradually rising to the right. Then, the price soars from May to June of the same year, and the price movement of Ethereum begins to draw attention.
By this time, domestic exchanges were simultaneously advertising on the Internet and television commercials, and the awareness of cryptographic assets also spread to general users. Therefore, Ethereum’s price soared in December due to increased users and increased transaction volume, and in January 2018, the price has reached the price of $160, which is about 178 times the peak of the chart .
However, due to the continuous flow of negative news such as restrictions on encryption assets and damage to hacking, the price of Ethereum has dropped significantly to the $90 level between January and December 2018.

After reaching a bottom in December 2018, Ethereum’s price has been recovering upwards until April 2019, and if the long-term downtrend has ended, then the long-term upturn there is also the possibility of becoming a trend. It can also be said that the price of Ethereum is relatively low.
Thus, Ethereum’s price trends are likely to be affected by large news stories related to cryptographic assets, so it is important to check daily for new news and check for price effect is.

The latest news on Ethereum

Here are the latest news about Ethereum.

CoinCheck launches OCT with Ethereum and Ripple

On 15th April, the domestic exchange coin check started to start OTC trading of crypto asset Ethereum and Ripple (XRP). OCT trading means that buyers and sellers of individuals and companies do direct trading of encrypted assets without having to go through an exchange.
There is usually a cap on trading volume, but there is no trading volume cap on OCT trading, so institutional investors prefer it. In addition, overseas, the OCT trading volume has increased and the impact on the cryptographic asset market has also been attracting attention. OTC trading is possible on weekdays from 10:00 to 15:00 on the coin check website.

The private key of the wallet is abused and funds are drained

On April 23, 2019, the US security consulting firm ISE (Independent Security Evaluators) said on the official site that “the funds have been stolen illegally due to duplicates in Ethereum’s private key”

We have announced in the report. According to the survey, it has been said that the amount of outflow until now has climbed to about 44,000 ETH, and the duplicate secret key is generated if specific conditions are met.
Under the condition that “the same secret key is generated practically is hard to think”, under what conditions was the secret key duplicated? The factors causing duplication of the secret key announced by ISE this time are as follows.
・ Entropy error
・ Code logic error
・ Error of random device
・ Type confusion
・Memory corruption
・ Memory reference error
・Malware infringement
・ Reuse of seeds
These attacks are caused by a group called blockchain bandit targeting vulnerabilities in Ethereum’s source code. It is also possible that other cryptographic assets may be leaked in the same way while conducting research.


・ The whole market including Ethereum is in a slump
・ It cannot be determined clearly that Ethereum’s price has now turned upward.
・ When the Ethereum’s price soars sharply, news that the market price works positive flows
We analyzed the charts from 2017 to 2019 in Ethereum and introduced the latest news. Could you use that as a reference?
When there is a large movement in the market, there is always enough positive material flowing to the market, so those who regularly perform technical analysis also regularly read the news of Ethereum and Bitcoin, the key currency of cryptographic assets, Let’s get up.