NASDAQ Plans to Launch Own Crypto Asset Exchange! Expected First Listing Issue

Bitcoin and Ethereum in February 2019, and Ripple in April were added to the NASDAQ’s mock trading price index. In mock trading, you can see realistic price fluctuations, as if you were actually buying and selling using cryptographic assets.
Thus, the day when the securities market representing the United States will enter into cryptographic asset trading may be near. However, as the details of which stocks will be listed have not been decided yet, many investors will wait for information disclosure now.
So, this time, we predicted seven stocks that may be listed on the NASDAQ ahead of the present based on conditions such as market capitalization, trading volume, and prospects received from the market. Since NASDAQ listing should have a large impact on prices, it is not bad to plan for measures right now.

Start mock trading of NASDAQ crypto assets! Confirm 4 issues

NASDAQ has started mock trading using cryptographic assets. Already, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple have been added, and a total of four test indicators can be checked.
(Reference: Zai ONLINE, 2019/4/24, trial of NASDAQ virtual currency mock trading Bitcoin and Litecoin trading Check the pair 【Fisco Alt Coin News】)
NASDAQ is well-known as the US securities market, but it mainly deals with stocks of emerging and venture companies. Along with the NY Dow Industrial Index and the S & amp; P, the Nasdaq Composite Index is also well-known as the US’s three largest index.
Although the cryptographic asset trading at NASDAQ is in the testing stage, it can be said that the exchange has a positive attitude towards virtual currency, tokens, etc. Even in Japan, major financial institutions such as SBI Holdings and Mitsubishi UFJ Group are actively trying to exploit the crypto asset market, but NASDAQ’s entry should have more impact.
If NASDAQ enters into cryptographic asset trading, it will first list about 5 to 7 stocks and try to see its impact on the market.
Cryptographic assets often get a lot of attention and their prices rise temporarily, even when listed on the world’s major exchanges such as Binance and Huobi. Similarly, listing on NASDAQ will have a greater impact on the price fluctuations of each issue.
NASDAQ’s listed stocks have not been officially announced. Therefore, let’s forecast seven stocks that are likely to be listed on NASDAQ in reference to market capitalization and trading volume.

First public listing goes up prices? Forecast 7 stocks

Cryptographic assets that are likely to be listed on the NASDAQ are divided into the following seven types.
・ Bitcoin (BTC)
・ Ethereum (ETH)
・ Ripple (XRP)
・ Bitcoin cash (BCH)
・ Light coin (LTC)
・ Monero (XMR)
Currently, we have already tested several cryptographic assets, but every stock is characterized by high market capitalization and high popularity. If you choose 5 to 7 listed stocks in the future, you may probably choose the major ones first, rather than the minor cryptographic assets.
The reasons for picking up the above 7 brands are described in detail below.

Bitcoin (BTC)

NASDAQ has already added multiple stocks to its price index to implement a mock trading implementation of cryptographic assets. It is possible for stocks added to the price index to see realistic price fluctuations as they are actually trading.
Of these, Bitcoin was adopted in the price index. Since the mock trading for Bitcoin has already been launched, it is likely to be the top candidate at the time of listing.
In addition, Bitcoin has always recorded the first market capitalization as a key currency for cryptographic assets. Bitcoin accounts for 60% of the market capitalization of the entire market, and it is also one of the reasons for establishing an overwhelming position as a listing candidate.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, was included in NASDAQ’s price index. As of May 9, 2019, the market capitalization shows an overwhelming presence in the market, with the second place after Bitcoin.
Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also becoming one of the key currencies of cryptographic assets, and there is no reason to drop this issue.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is about 2 months late for bitcoin and ethereal. Finally it was registered in NASDAQ’s price index.
Ripple differs from other cryptographic assets in that it has a centralized system (Ripple has the right to issue currency), so its characteristics are different. Cryptographic assets are fundamentally decentralized, so there are rumors that “Nasdaq should remove Ripple from the list.”
On the other hand, the fact that Ripple was included in the price index in April 2019 is by no means unlikely to be a candidate for initial listing.

Bitcoin cash (BCH)

Bitcoin cash was born from bitcoin in August 2017. In just under six months, it ranked 4th in the market capitalization, and has a fixed position on May 9, 2019.
This bitcoin cash is also likely to fulfill NASDAQ’s initial listing. Not only because the market capitalization is high, there are few places where most of the crypto asset exchanges list and handle bitcoin cash.
This brand may be a test stone for solving bitcoin vulnerability (remittance trouble, lack of capacity, etc.), and it is highly likely to be treated as NASDAQ.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin was registered in the price index at the same time as Bitcoin in NASDAQ mock trading. Among the top market value stocks, it is a stock that has played a long-term high ranking so that it is comparable with Bitcoin.
In that sense, it is possible that NASDAQ will be listed next to Bitcoin.


Eos is a popular brand that ranks sixth in the market capitalization as of May 9, 2019.
The strength of this cryptographic asset is that it has been number one in multiple rating agencies in the past. For example, we have won the first place in the United States (Weiss Ratings), China (DPRating) and CCID (China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute), excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum.
That is why EOS’ business model is sound and recognized as a highly promising situation. There are many places in the crypto asset exchange that deal with EOS, and it is no surprise that NASDAQ takes notice.

Monero (XMR)

As of May 9, 2019, Monero is ranked 12th in market capitalization. In terms of market capitalization alone, other stocks such as Stella and TRON are the top. However, it is not strange that Monero will be a dark horse as a NASDAQ stock.
In August 2018, Satis Group, a consulting company of ICO, cited Monero as a promising brand.
(Reference: COINTELEGRAPH, 2018/8/31, virtual currency ripple, 5 97% plunging after the year Monero and Bitcoin soars-US research agency forecasts)
Monero is highly anonymous and not everyone can view transaction data like Bitcoin. As such, it is expected to make a significant contribution to the future expansion of the offshore market.
For example, the wealthy may be promoting the use of tax havens such as the Cayman Islands and Panama, and the Monero currency may be used to remit the financial assets. This is because Monero’s remittance history is more difficult to track than common legal currencies.
The possibility that NASDAQ will pay attention to such high potential will never be zero.


NASDAQ’s entry into cryptographic asset trading may be the largest event ever. The news that NASDAQ is listed should have a positive impact on the prices of many stocks, rather than just listing on a crypto asset exchange and block chaining by companies.
Although the detailed action guidelines of NASDAQ have not yet been presented, it would be fun to invest in crypto assets in light of these trends.