CROSS exchange is Accepting Advanced Registration! Participate in Pre-mining Before Grand Opening

CROSS exchange is scheduled to open this November 26th and has begun accepting applications for pre-registration. In this article, I will explain the registration method and the benefits of early participation.

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CROSS exchange starts pre-registration

Preliminary registration of CROSS exchange, an exchange managed by the project “CROSS” which started a token sale in May 2018 and started registration on November 15. Although the official opening of the exchange is scheduled for November 25, preregistered users will be able to participate in the pre-mining of XEX tokens from November 22 (three days earlier than scheduled)! By acquiring XEX early it is possible to receive dividends immediately after official opening, so we recommend that users who wish to participate in trade mining should apply in advance for advanced registration.

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What is XEX pre-mining?

XEX, a unique token of CROSS exchange, will not be issued at exchange launch. When someone makes a trade, XEX for that fee is newly issued and returned to users, so this series of operations is called trade mining. Although the grand opening of CROSS exchange is scheduled for November 25, pre-registered users can do transactions other than XEX’s board (e.g. BTC and ETH) from November 22. Therefore, by carrying out a trade before this opening, XEX for that commission is reduced, thus is called pre-mining.
Participation in pre-registration is a great benefit as dividends are earned immediately after this opening. While the price of XEX is low, the amount of XEX that can be mined increases, meaning predecessor profits have a decreased chance to gain profits than earlier participants.

How to apply for advanced registration

Advanced application for CROSS exchange is possible here:

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When you move to the official homepage, the form for advanced application opens, so fill in necessary information from here and register.


  1. mail address
  2. Certification number * 1
  3. password
  4. password(confirm)

* 1 – Since an e-mail with the following authentication number will be delivered to the registered e-mail address, please enter that number.
As we have explained so far, the earlier you join XEX mining, the better position you will be in. People who want to profit early from pre-registration may want to check this out!

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