CROSS exchange Releases New Feature “XEX Converter”!!

CROSS exchange based in Azerbaijan in the Middle East announced the new function XEX Converter on May 13. I will explain the details of the new feature.

“CROSS exchange” What is CROSS exchange

In addition to transparency by disclosing trading platforms, transaction data, etc. to users and “Cross exchange”, the company has acquired financial license No. 1 of virtual currency in Azerbaijan Republic and is putting emphasis on robustness as an exchange. You It is also characterized by the fact that there are many mechanisms for returning profits to users through fee payouts based on unique tokens and “automatic mining” functions not seen on other exchanges.
In addition, CROSS exchange is also involved in the development of high-security cryptographic asset wallet [X wallet]. Also, the first launch of the IEO, Merci Coin, was sold out in 2 minutes.

What is XEX Converter?

It is a system to exchange coins held in the wallet of CROSS exchange for XEX.
With this feature, you can exchange a small number of coins for a 90 day lock (with a 20% XEX bonus) to a free XFX.

You can quickly exchange various coins that can be paid out daily with each other

If you own XEX, various coins distributed from exchange revenue will be put into the wallet. You cannot get a dividend just by holding such a coin. By using “XEX exchange” as an option other than trading and mining, assets can be increased conveniently and efficiently.

Replaceable from small quantities

XEX Converter does not have a minimum amount setting. Even small amounts of coins that cannot be traded in the minimum unit or less in mining and trading can be exchanged easily and easily with XEX Converter.

XEX Converter target stocks

Each coin listed on the main boat (except BTC and USDT)
※ Please use trading, mining and QuickBUY for BTC and USDT.

How to use XEX Converter

1. Select “Wallet balance” after login

2. Put a ✅ mark on the coin you want to exchange

3. Press the “XEX exchange” button

4. Done

A few coins can be easily exchanged for XEX

XEX Converter is a useful feature for those who “do not easily manage the various coins that can be paid with dividends every day” and “want to easily exchange a few coins with XEX”. In particular, if you are using a trading exchange, I think that when you repeat a trade, there are many coins with decimal places such as 0, 00, 0034, 67. At that time, it is useful to be able to easily collect fractions into one brand. In fact, Binance has similar functionality.


The XEX Converter implemented this time can be said to be a “reach to a great place” function for those who use CROSS exchange. We think about whether it is easy for users to use every day, and I think that any project or person that can be actually implemented will be in any genre. I would like to look forward to the future of CROSS exchange, which can be reached at a great place.