What is Cross Exchange? Intro of its Outline and Handled Currencies

“CROSS” is a project that started its token sale in May 2018, and is developing an exchange, named “CROSS” exchange” and a wallet, with opening day planned for November 25th!

In this article, I will introduce the features of CROSS exchange and its various functions not seen on other exchanges including automatic mining.

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What is CROSS exchange?

The ​​cryptocurrency and blockchain space is expanding day by day, with exchanges of value (tokens) being conducted daily. CROSS exchange was given its name to take on the role of intersecting its value exchange (CROSS) = value exchange.
In recent years not only in Japan, but hacking incidents of exchanges in several countries has been a major issue. This is a big risk for the exchanges as well as customers, and it is an eternal task that exchanges dealing with cryptocurrencies will have to with in perpetuity. CROSS exchange keeps transparency by disclosing trading platforms and transaction data to users and by acquiring the first financial license of cryptocurrency in Azerbaijan bolstering its credibility in the space. In recent years, exchanges have become a mess with the increasing number of them, but by acquiring this first financial license, credibility is solidified as an exchange.

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What are the features of CROSS exchange

CROSS exchange focuses on building a digital asset trading platform that is simple and user friendly. Based on this, I will introduce the three major functions of CROSS exchange.

Basic functions as an exchange

In the basic function section, users can create an account, login, and perform KYC application service (identity verification) which is essential to attain access to the functions of the exchange. It is also possible to set security measures at various stages according to the user’s wishes.

Trading section

The trading function section provides functions for users to perform asset management. It uses advanced memory matching algorithms that can process millions of transactions per second. As a result, troubles such as not being able to decide easily on existing exchanges, and servers responsible for transaction processing failures are minimized as much as possible. Financial-level API interfaces are also available, and orders for specialized transactions such as GTD and GTC are also available.

Mining section

The mining section provides users with third party mining tools. CROSS exchange also has an exchange mining function, and looking at the precedent such as in FCoin and CoinEX in recent years, the price can be expected to rise significantly as an exchange token. In addition, although it is done by manual transactions when performing normal transaction mining, CROSS exchange is equipped with an “automatic mining” function that mines when you make inputs.

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What is the CROSS exchange app?

CROSS exchange has released an exclusive application which is mainly used for booking trades and exchange use. By using the “CROSS exchange app”, you can easily set up trades and mine from the palm of your hand. Also, in addition to 2-step authentication on the app, the exchange’s assets are managed by multisig, so you can trust the security as well! It is currently released only for the Android version with plans to be released for iOS.

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What currencies are dealt on CROSS exchange?

At CROSS exchange it is possible to trade the following currency pairs at the launch phase:

USDT pairs


BTC pairs


XEX pairs


However, in addition to the above currency pairings, the exchange is expected to have many more innovative cryptocurrencies that are expected to have great potential in the future. For that reason, we will regularly list project tokens only with great quality.

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From the fact that they acquired an official license in Azerbaijan and are raising funds earnestly without making extensive publicity, won’t CROSS exchange become a revolutionary system? Let’s keep an eye on CROSS exchange to see if it can get its legs under itself.