OmiseGo is Listed on CROSS exchange

CROSS exchange, based in Azerbaijan in the Middle East, announced the listing of OmiseGo on April 18. This time, I would like to introduce to everyone of CROSS exchange users and those who have not yet used CROSS exchange.

What’s CROSS exchange

“Cross exchange” means transparency by disclosing trading platform, transaction data, etc. to the user, as well as acquiring financial license No. 1 of virtual currency in Azerbaijan Republic and making it robust as an exchange. I am also putting my effort into It is also characterized by the fact that there are many mechanisms for returning profits to users through fee payouts based on unique tokens and “automatic mining” functions not seen on other exchanges. In addition, CROSS exchange is also involved in the development of high-security cryptographic asset wallet [X wallet]. At Cross exchange, LIBERTY (LES), which was listed the other day, showed a temporary rise of 50000% on the first day, and became a big topic.

What is OmiseGo

OmiseGo (OMG) is a distributed payment system using the OMG network built on the Ethereum public blockchain. OmiseGo’s cryptographic assets are managed by parent company Omise, a company that promotes cross border payments within Southeast Asia.
The purpose of OmiseGO is to create a payment infrastructure that makes it easier for people in developing countries who do not have access to banking services to join the economic zone, and to provide better financial services to everyone.
The OMG token is famous for doing ICO and collecting 25 million USD in August 2017. At that time, it was easy to be collected about 100 million USD since it was an ICO boom, but there is also the idea of ​​OmiseGo side that the project will be successful if there is 25 million USD. It seems to have done. The sincere response of such management was also a good impression for investors. At the moment, there is no one-time price increase, but it can be said that the progress of the project for the future is also good.

Listing dates etc

Coin Name: OmiseGO
Ticker code: OMG
4/19 (Fri) 13:00 (JST) Start of deposit and withdrawal
4/20 (Sat) 13:00 (JST) Start trading
Trading pairs: OMG / USDT, OMG / BTC

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OmiseGo is likely to create a payment infrastructure that will be essential in Southeast Asia. It may be good to try to have OmiseGo with this opportunity. Also, I cannot wait for a day that can be used as a payment.
(Investment is your own responsibility)