The First IEO of CROSS exchange, Sold Out in 2 Minutes !

On April 30, CROSS exchange, based in Azerbaijan in the Middle East, announced the first sale of its first IEO, which is deployed under the CROSS exchange Launchpad brand. This time, we will introduce you to CROSS exchange users and those who have not yet used CROSS exchange.

With CROSS exchange

In addition to transparency by disclosing trading platforms, transaction data, etc. to users with CROSS exchange, the company also acquired financial license No. 1 of virtual currency in the Azerbaijan Republic, and put emphasis on robustness as an exchange. You are It is also characterized by the fact that there are many mechanisms for returning profits to users through fee payouts based on unique tokens and “automatic mining” functions that cannot be seen on other exchanges. In addition, CROSS exchange is also involved in the development of high-security cryptographic asset wallet [X wallet], etc. LIBERTY (LES), which was listed the other day, showed a temporary rise of 50,000% on the first day, and became a big topic.

About CROSS exchange Launchpad (IEO)

In CROSS exchange, we also recruited promising projects and supported them. The CROSS exchange Launchpad is for token sales through the CROSS exchange’s proprietary IEO platform. IEO, which stands for Initial Exchange Offering, is similar to ICO in that it uses cryptographic assets to raise funds. The difference with ICO is that the exchange selects a project to handle. Selected projects can be funded on the exchange.

The ICO boom in 2017 is also rampant with various fraud projects, with a small number of investors suffering from fraud. Therefore, Binance, which is said to be the world’s best crypto asset exchange, has taken the lead in starting IEO.

The benefit of the IEO is that the exchange scrutinizes the project, allowing investors to invest more safely than participating in the ICO. In addition, since it is decided that IEO will be listed on the exchange, investors have the advantage of being able to invest more safely.

This IEO is sold out in just 2 minutes! !

As for MerciCoin (Mercy Coin), which was sold as the first IEO by CROSS exchange Launchpad from 21:00 on April 30, 2019, as a result of access concentration from around 21:00, the sales limit will be reached in only 2 minutes. Yes.

I am very happy that many of you have participated!

Also, I was very sorry for everyone who could not purchase it.

※ 21: 10 (JST) ~ after the end of the sale We deeply apologize that some customers have a display error or failure to login due to system maintenance.

Merci Coin will begin general trading on CROSS exchange from May 6th. If you could not purchase today, please use this.

CROSS exchange Team

[Reference: CROSS exchange official] As mentioned above, the sales limit was reached in just 2 minutes from the release. It seems that there are many people who could not purchase it. If you cannot buy Mercy, then you can do a quick buy, and if it happens, it will be a hit!


If you cannot buy this time, you can also buy after May 6th! !

There are also comments that the general announcement can be made from May 6 in the above announcement.

If you cannot buy this time, you still have the opportunity to buy MERCI.

It is not uncommon for the price to soar after IEO → listing. Below is a list of information on IEO stocks that you can easily see and summarize:

[Reference: 【More than 140 species】 Made IEO stock summary sheet boasting the world’s largest number of articles]

About Merci Coin

Merci Beaucoup is a project based in Korea (Gangnam), and the main themes of the project are community “donate”, “commitment”, “service” and “love”. Merci Beaucoup is operated and managed by Good Deeds Sharing Company, a Korean operating company, and its coin service is provided through Sunhaeng, a community service operating company registered in Korea.

Good Deeds Sharing Company and Sunhaeng are members of a large group of Korean related groups such as Sara-Queen TR-Innovation, OK-Bit (Korea Virtual Currency Exchange) and Chioud. The entire group has approximately 115,000 active users, and the total sales in 2018 have reached approximately 29.5 billion yen.

At Merci Coin, you can receive a Merci Coin by volunteering, and you can use it for new donations, point exchange and shopping.

・ Merci Coin:

・ Sunhaeng:


About CROSS 

CROSS is a project to build a blockchain infrastructure based in the Azerbaijan Republic. The first product of the project will be the Cryptographic Asset Exchange’s CROSS exchange.

CROSS exchange will start service on November 20, 2018, and the trading volume of 1 day is now 44,860 million yen, and it will be the trading volume of the 31st in the world (as of April 23, 2019) . We are expanding our business globally with the goal of achieving top five turnover within two years.

・ CROSS project:

・ CROSS exchange:



It turned out that the first CROSS exchange Launchpad this time is a very high-profile case due to reaching the upper limit in 2 minutes of the start. I would like to closely watch the price movements of MERCI after May 6th.