CROSS exchange Announces Listing Schedule of TRON and BitTorrent!

CROSS exchange, based in Azerbaijan, has announced the listing dates for TRON and BitTorrent. The listings for TRX and BTT were announced on February 17th, but the official dates have now been determined.

What is CROSS exchange

As the first cryptocurrency exchange to receive official approval from the Azerbaijan government, there has also been praise from investors as their mining system has shown to be very successful in a difficult market. The XEX token issued by CROSS exchange allows each user to receive dividends, and yesterday a technical analysis was featured in a Coin Market Media article.
XEX token (XEX) Technical Analysis
【【The 1PM Bargain Purchase】 XEX suggests continuation of “Stable Upward Trend”

Listing Schedule

When a new crypto asset gets listed on a regular exchange, the price of the currency usually rises. That’s why it is important to confirm each listing schedule in anticipation of a possible boost in a particular cryptocurrency’s price.

TRON (TRX) Listing Schedule

2/27 4:00 UTC Deposits start
2/28 4:00 UTC Trading starts

BitTorrent (BTT) Listing Schedule

3/1 4:00 UTC Deposits start
3/2 4:00 Trading starts

What are these tokens TRON & BitTorrent to be listed?

There are two crypto assets that will be listed, TRX and BTT. As TRX has a very high profile, maybe some people have heard of it before? BTT is a new crypto asset done that launched at the end of January, and was the first crypto asset ICO to be launched on the Binance Launch Pad. This ICO raised about 800 million Yen in 15 minutes! Nonetheless, I think that some people may be interested in these two crypto assets as a result of its listing on CROSS exchange. Without further ado, let me introduce to you both TRX and BTT.


TRON is a crypto asset developed with the goal of becoming a platform on which creators can provide content to anyone. According to Coinmarketcap (CMC), TRON is ranked 9th in overall market capitalization as of February 20th, 2019. As of today, the price is about 14 times the price since its ICO.
TRON is capable of handling 2,000 transactions per second, and more than 176 Dapps are currently running on the TRX platform. Further detailed information on TRON is summarized below:
What is Cryptocurrency TRON? Intro to its Features

BitTorrent (BTT)

According to the official website of TRON, BTT was developed with the goal of creating an economic zone where creators and fans can connect directly without passing through intermediaries.
As I briefly explained at the beginning, BitTorrent was the first ICO hosted by Binance’s Launch Pad and is famous for its P2P file sharing software. Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market, BTT was able to raise more than 800 million Yen in only 15 minutes. According to the official twitter of Binance ‘s CEO, if there were no system obstacles during the process the ICO would have ended in only 8 seconds!
For more details on BTT, please see below:
What is Cryptocurrency TRON? Intro to its Features

TRX and BTT are in the same affiliated company

In 2018 TRX acquired the popular file sharing software company BitTorrent, thus becoming its subsidiary. The simultaneous listing of TRX and BTT presents a case where the owner of both tokens comes as a dream come true scenario.
(Justin Sun)
As each currency has already been listed on several famous exchanges including Binance and Okex, wouldn’t you say both projects have won a sure amount of trust from the cryptocurrency community as both already have formidable running products?

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Although BTT is not necessarily considered high-profile, there are still people who have heard about BitTorrent. To what extent the performance of BTT will reach is still unknown. Also, past allegations against TRX regarding whitepaper plagiarism and uncertainty regarding one account holding 15% of the total supply of TRON cannot be easily dispelled.
However, TRX already has many projects creating dApps under TRX with many users utilizing it for payments, while also acting as the parent file sharing company through BTT. At least it has a lot more going on compared to projects that are still in their development stage, so I look forward to their future success.