【Winning Formula Attached】 Valentine’s Campaign Launched, Earn up to 80,000 Yen in XEX

CROSS exchange (crossexchange.io), a cryptocurrency asset exchange, will hold a Valentine’s Day campaign from February 10th, 2019 to February 28th, 2019! It will be held in the form of an extended upgrade to the campaign which was held during the New Year’s holiday, which gained much popularity. Winning a Valentine’s Day BIGBOX if a user achieves No. 1 in trade volume is a featured part of this great campaign.
There is a Winning Formula! But first, let’s take a look at the content of the campaign as we describe how to meet the conditions at the end of this article!

【Campaign Period】

February 10th, 2019 4:00 UTC 〜 February 28th, 2019 3:59 UTC

【Gift Details】

Three gifts are prepared this time. There is an efficient winning formula where you can strategically win the third prize, the Valentine’s BIGBOX.

#1. Valentine’s gift BOX that everyone can receive

When users mine using the pool with lock-up (Mining 90, Mining 60, or Mining 30) during the campaign period, you can earn a Valentine’s gift BOX for every 1,000 XEX mined (gift Boxes will be distributed every hour). Boxes contain Alt Coins (contents are random) equivalent to 90 XEX and 10 XEX. When you open the BOX, the relevant coins will automatically be reflected in your wallet.

#2. Valentine’s BOX 2019 can be obtained every hour

One person will be selected by lottery among those who mined 1,000 XEX to win a Valentine’s BOX 2019 (2,019 XEX coins included) every hour.

#3. Valentine’s BIGBOX for the No.1 mined volume

A Valentine’s BIGBOX (5,000 XEX coins = approximately 800 USD with a 90 day lock-up inclusive) will be rewarded to the person who has the No. 1 XEX mining volume for the day!
It seems that everyone will be rewarded this if there are more than one person in the first place. People who know CROSS exchange’s mining methods will look at this and say “aha!” For details, please see the winning article.
#3, there is a definite winning formula so please check the end of the article!

【Gift Acquisition Conditions】

① During the campaign period, both the manual mining in the trading area and the automatic mining of the mining plans are subject to the campaign.
② Only the mined amounts at 90/60/30 is counted. ※ Do not choose Mining 0.
③ You can earn one BOX each time you mine 1,000 XEX.
(The number of gifted Boxes corresponds to the amount you mine)
The top miner will receive a Valentine’s BIGBOX containing 5,000 XEX coins (with a 90 Day lock-up inclusive) daily.

【Precautions for Participation】

The “Valentine BOX” icon will flash on the homepage for each user who satisfies the conditions of BOX acquisition.
Click on the BOX to open it to receive your cryptocurrency. The contents will automatically be reflected in your Wallet.
A Gift BOX can be opened up to 72 hours (3 days) after the campaign ends.
Please note that the special pages will be deleted after the period, thus you will not be able to open your gift box.
XEX coins in all gift boxes will be locked up with the “Premium 90” revenue sharing plan.

【Get XEX equivalent to 80,000 Yen with this winning formula! 】

Since CROSS exchange’s mining is limited to 2,000 XEX per hour, the maximum is 48,000 XEX per day! In order to guarantee yourself a Valentine’s BIGBOX, just mine 48,000 XEX per day which is 2,000 XEX per hour!
This Campaign looks pretty easy to win over, LOL!
It will surely be a great Valentine’s Day!
As a precaution, please make sure to start the campaign every day at 1:00 PM. If you mine 48,000 XEX from 24 hours to 12:59PM the next day you can surely get a BIGBOX.
Furthermore, if you mine with Mining 90 selected, you can mine XEX at 130% thus mining 48,000 XEX at a 30% discount, so those who have plenty of money will definitely have the chance to win. I highly recommend you use this winning formula to get a Valentine’s BIGBOX.

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