Blockchain Coworking BINARYSTAR Completed at Ginza 1-Chome

Participating as media, we witnessed the announcement of “ BINARYSTAR ” which aims to support blockchain companies and was completed at Ginza 1-chome.

The purpose of coworking spaces and the services they provide

It is an open space mainly for the support of Japanese company’s blockchain businesses and a place to interact with foreign blockchain companies. It is a place of exchange for the purpose of having many companies join not only from within Japan but from abroad, and also to provide consulting services for businesses and legal support for companies who join as members. In addition, there has been liking from large enterprises and SMEs that are said to want to use the space as it is seen as a place to interact with other companies.

Main Members

Yuki Ikegami
He has worked in ventures related to cryptocurrency since he was 18 years old until now, and supports project management of systems for token sales and growth support for more than 10 blockchain projects. He utilized these experiences to start BINARYSTAR, a blockchain business hub that supports various projects to implement blockchain into society at the young age of 23!

Yuji Akaba
After graduating from Tokyo University studying Engineering, he helped with the design and development of Dunlop trucks at Komatsu. After studying at Stanford Graduate School, he worked at McKinsey for 14 years. He launched the McKinsey Seoul office from ground zero. In 2002, he co-founded Breakthrough Partners Co., Ltd. He also is involved as the co-founder of other ventures, management reform of medium and large-sized enterprises, senior management, and with new business creation. Recently he has been involved in the operation of the launch of a company in blockchain development in Southeast Asia.

BINARYSTAR Incubation Manager
Takayuki Igaki
Graduated from Kyoto University Law School. In addition to being a lawyer centered on corporate legal affairs, he is also involved in the management of six corporations, including corporations and non-profit organizations. He has also started his own business and is good at management, marketing, and problem solving. He also has the skills for conducting an overall business, working on system engineer’s work in the development of core systems, substantially exceeding the work of usual lawyers. He is also working on the creation of new projects using “regulated sandboxes” under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Office. In addition to working on a legal perspective with novel “37 Legal Framework,” he is in charge of comprehensive support including a consulting business. He plans to operate as a consultant in the near future, such as working on STO schemes.

Other Partner companies that can provide global support


Infinity blockchain venture

Blockchain EXE

Blockchain business community

About the use plans

The plans can be roughly divided into two.

◆ Corporate BINARYSTAR Membership
30,000 yen / month (※ contract is annual)
Business matching with world leading companies
Providing the latest information on blockchain
Priority participation in group seminars
Free participation in monthly seminars
Business by business · Business advice by e-mail
Open space up to 3 people per company
Monthly meetings with desired companies (face-to-face or Skype)
Membership office service application rights
Logo on BINARYSTAR’s member introduction page

◆ Membership Office Services
50,000 yen / week; 180,000 yen / month
Offers 4 to 6 office spaces
Available for guests · Postal service available · Conference rooms · Open space available 24 hours a day (free)
Provide a demonstrative experiment environment for blockchain (Environment construction fee is separately provided)
Support similar to BINARYSTAR’s member services

It is good news for media operators as there is a media partner system, which seems to be available for free.
* I would like to consider using this system for coinmarketmedia as well.

What you want to expect as a role

With the purpose of establishing Ginza’s prime location as the central hub of blockchain to realize global adoption that includes interactions with large Japanese companies, small businesses, startups and foreign exchanges, I would like to see this develop into a platform that can be accessed globally.