CROSS exchange Finalizes and Announces QTUM’s Listing Schedule!

CROSS exchange, based in Azerbaijan in the Middle East, announces QTUM listing date. The information on QTUM listing was announced on the official website on March 16, but it seems that the official listing schedule has been determined.

What is CROSS exchange

The first crypto asset exchange to receive approval by the Azerbaijan government, has implemented an exchange mining function and has received high remarks from many investors for its high performance in mining revenue. The XEX Token (XEX) is issued by CROSS exchange where each user has is entitled to receive daily payouts (up to 80%) during the holding period. This dividend system continues to increase the value of XEX today.

Listing schedule

When a new crypto asset is listed on a regular exchange, the price of the currency often rises. Please check each listing schedule as there may be a phase where the price gets pushed up.

QTUM Listing schedule
3/18 13:00 JST Deposits Begin
3/19 13:00 JST Trading starts

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What is the QTUM that is to be listed?

QTUM is an open source blockchain project developed by the QTUM Foundation in Singapore. QTUM is, in a nutshell, a good cousin of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
The advantage of Bitcoin is that it is difficult to falsify the ledger. Bitcoin has introduced a system called UTXO. For example, let’s say that you have 30 BTC and you transfer 10 BTC to friends. The Bitcoin ledger would account for this and track the remaining 20 BTC to a new address and record it in the ledger. With Ethereum, it seems that it is fairly simple and good at first glance, since ledger management is “account-based,” but Bitcoin is superior in terms of anonymity and difficulty of alteration.
Is the strong point with Ethereum still smart contracts? Smart contract means simple contracts. For example, it means a system can directly and automatically send a digital security without passing through a securities company to an account in which the corporation has invested. It is also extensible to create distributed applications like Dapps.
QTUM aims to take the best of these two currencies.
Qtum is an open source public blockchain platform that enables multiple virtual machines, including EVM and innovative x86 VMs, while leveraging UTXO security. Qtum is PoS-based and boasts a distributed governance protocol (DGP) that allows you to change specific blockchain settings using smart contracts. For example, the block size of Qtum can be increased without the need for hard forks.

Development of AAL

AAL (Account Abstraction Layer) is a hierarchy created to connect multiple virtual machines such as Bitcoin’s “UTXO” and Ethereum’s virtual machine “EVM” and Qtum’s x86 virtual machine. This X86 supports many programming languages, and thanks to this layer, languages ​​other than Ethereum’s development language Solidity (C, C ++, Rust, Python, and others are widely used. It also supports the programming languages being used and promotes mainstream adoption of smart contract development).
Qtum’s AAL decouples the application from the underlying protocol, maintains blockchain performance, and includes features to add smarter subscription capabilities in the future.

Please check the following for more information.
What is Crypto Asset Qtum (QTUM)? Intro to its Features

Issued amount

Total issued amount: 101,329,552 QTUM
Circulating amount: 89,329,552 QTUM

Consensus algorithm: Proof of Stake (POS)

Conducted an ICO in 2017 and collected 11,156 BTC and 77,801 ETH in just 5 days.

Current price

It is traded for 2.63 USD per 1 QTUM on March 17, 2019.

Founding members etc.

The QTUM CEO is Patrick Dai, a former major member of China’s leading IT company Alibaba. Patrick Dai has been named Forbes China’s 2017 “30 Under 30” and will be one of the blockchain industry’s hottest players.

Official site

Official site





QTUM also has potential as a currency, and it can be said that it is closely connected to China, which is very influential with crypto assets. You may want to own some for this opportunity (investing is your own responsibility).