CROSS developed an awesome wallet “CROSS wallet”, easy to understand explanation

What is CROSS

CROSS is a platform project that builds an application infrastructure to enable value exchange using tokens. Simply, it is “the ultimate barter platform.” “Making everything in the world a digital asset and providing services that everyone can use conveniently” is the goal of the project and what is necessary for realizing this as blockchain technology.

CROSS Project Product List

First of all, we will briefly describe the products that come from the CROSS project. CROSS Value Tools is an “eight” core technology (application service solution) for value exchange.

(CROSS Value Tools)
① CROSS wallet – Multifunction wallet adopting world patented security technology
② CROSS exchange – Renamed by public name offer from the Value Exchange Market (VEM), a highly functional distributed exchange connected with the CROSS wallet
(Azerbaijan’s first cryptocurrency exchange license already acquired)
③ Cross consensus – existential value proof system
④ X Pay – Cryptocurrency payment system
⑤ X Beacon – Automatic position information sending function using wireless communication technology
⑥ X Factory – Token issuing function
⑦ X Manager – Management tool
⑧ Cross Workers – Incubation center developed globally
These eight tools can be freely combined and used depending on the purpose you want to use them for.

Detailed explanation of the hyped “CROSS wallet”

CROSS wallet “is a multifunctional wallet that adopts world patented security technology.” “CROSS wallet” and CROSS exchange are linked, and as the number of CROSS exchange participants increases the “CROSS wallet” adoption will increase.
With the cryptocurrency CROSS project, it was revealed that Switch Smile Co., Ltd., which provides products that utilize location information, and XBANK Corporation, a block chain utilization company, will collaborate and start developing a cryptocurrency wallet. They have already succeeded in its development, and I’m looking forward to their announcement.

Features of the CROSS wallet

1. Easy and safe for everyone
2. Hacking risk is extremely low
3. You do not need to manage your private key yourself
4. Offline integration using location information
They also offer “CROSS wallet” to other companies by OEM, and make it possible to access the VEM server from the OEM version “CROSS wallet” as well.
In this kind of system, they will ensure liquidity and adopt a safe and secure trading environment for all around the world. Details are quoted from press release below:

“By linking “pinable” the location information infrastructure system using Beacon, provided by Switch Smile, and the “CROSS wallet,” a multi-function wallet adopting world patented security technology developed by XBANK; Joint development of the Beacon virtual currency Wallet, which added functions of Beacon system + virtual currency wallet + ticket which everyone can be used with ease; we will proceed our joint development, and will start demonstration experiments this summer with collaboration events, amusement parks, facilities, and shops. “
Through these demonstration experiments, the two companies will provide a settlement system in cryptocurrency and O2O marketing. They will develop various services such as for example, providing various services such as campaigns using cryptocurrencies that can be accepted, and beacon wallet and ticketing services using blockchain only accessible through being at a specific location (position positioning using Beacon) on its platform.

What is 「pinable」

pinable is not an area-like location information platform such as GPS and Wifi, but by using a chip called a beacon, they offer solutions for advertisements and marketing analysis using pinpoint location information.

Why develop a wallet

I will explain why CROSS is developing its first wallet.
Firstly, CROSS is trying to realize a “guaranteed user-friendly and highly secure” wallet. The CROSS wallet is expected to be linked with various applications in the future and will become the axis for such applications to be “guaranteed user friendly and highly secure.”
Currently, the cryptocurrency is convenient, but CROSS members think that the current wallets are not able to realize more convenience. The existence of wallets are extremely important for increasing adoption of cryptocurrency, but there are not many things that satisfy users in terms of operation methods and security. CROSS will also change their wallet for managing assets so that everyone can handle it, just as Apple changed computers to be home computers that everyone can use easily.
In other words, they will first make a foundation with the CROSS wallet and will integrate applications such as exchanges within it.