ICO Project for the Fishery/Marine Industry

Issues in the Japanese fishery industry

The Japanese fishery industry, once called the world’s best, has many problems now. At the peak of 1984, the production volume of the fishing industry amounted to 12.82 million tons. It has now fallen to below 5 million tons over the past 30 years with the self-sufficiency rate heavily declining with the situation of fishermen and fishery processing companies going out of business. The oceans surrounding Japan seem to be losing their richness due to overfishing, illegal operations, and water pollution. On the other hand, the world outside of Japan has seen production volume of fishery double in the past 30 years where the fishery/marine industry is actually growing. In some countries, there is increased fishery resources due to once exhausted resources being restored by smart management of the fishery / marine industries, and it seems that more countries are now able to export higher quality fishery products to the world through distribution reform.

Raising funds through an ICO

In order to bring back the glory days of Japan’s fishery and marine industry, fishermen, producers, consumers, retailers and restaurants face the challenge of smart ocean resource management which will require better human resource development, review of mechanisms of distribution, and overall improved efficiency. In order to accomplish this, an ICO can be conducted using the blockchain to fund what it needed for this new system while investors receive tokens for consideration of their investment. The goal is to create a new economic zone (ecosystem) for the fishery industry through means of an ICO.

Token Economy

ieo(initial exchange offering)とは
1.Business development of seafarers
A system by which general consumers support producers and fishery operators using tokens
* A matching feature between a master fisherman and the fisherman’s requester with a training program for new employees
* A “Sea management school” to connect to the new fishery / marine industry
* Research for sustainable fisheries and resource management activities

2.Food and beverage business as a “set” media to consumers and settlement for food service providers
There will be consideration of utilization of tokens for usage rights at restaurants and for settlement methods.
* A flagship restaurant development business
* A culinary development business
3.A Distribution platform business for a sustainable fishery industry
To realize a sustainable fishery industry, a platform which utilizes better technology, adopts resource management, and evaluates price distribution and consumption will be developed
* An online market
* An AI based quality management system
* Traceability in the system using blockchain technology

ICO for industrial revitalization of Japan and local creation

Among the many ICO projects last year, most are expected to decline as they are merely simple business-leading projects. It would be better if more regional projects, such as the Okayama prefecture Nishi Akura village and Nagasaki prefecture Hirado city projects, used ICOs as consideration for funding in the future.