LINE Q&A Platform Utilizing Original Blockchain Technology “Wizball”

LINE began offering a smart phone browser version of dApp (distributed application) Q & A platform “Wizball” based on an independently developed blockchain network “LINK Chain.” Until now, the PC browser version application (Android) version was provided.

What is LINE?

Established in Japan in 2000 as a wholly owned subsidiary of NAVER (founded in 1999), the largest Internet service company in Korea, currently headquartered in Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo. As of 2018, LINE, a subsidiary, accounted for 40.1% of the total assets of the NAVER group and 37.4% of sales. The company name is the same as the service it provides, “LINE”. It was listed on the New York Stock Exchange during 2017 and is also listed on Section 1 of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

What is the unique blockchain network LINE Chain?

When registering or using the existing LINE services, such as their ‘dApp,’ for participation in the future, users can acquire “LINK Point” (for Japan) and “LINK” (for overseas) as incentives according to the contribution level of contents and services users provide. With “LINK Chain” operating on its own blockchain technology, it becomes possible to guarantee the reliability and transparency of evaluating user’s contributions and activity level. This will allow the system to create a virtuous circle of constant growth creation and incentivizing users with appropriate returns for their contributions. This creates a new co-creation relationship in the user and the service, which makes it possible to provide higher quality services than ever.

What is Wizball?

In Wizball, “LINK points” are provided as an incentive to every action such as when a “question”, “answer”, or a “vote” occur. Also, the user is given “WP” (Wiz Power) indicating the degree of contribution to the service every time they take those actions. In addition to the incentives that can be obtained each for each occurrence, one of the features is that a payout bonus is paid regularly according to the amount of WP an account holds. Furthermore, based on the LINE original blockchain “LINK chain”, “incentive distribution history” is stored on the blockchain evaluating the user’s value. This guarantees transparency and reliability of information.

Blockchain infrastructure performed on the platform

This LINE initiative will hopefully produce many cases. The big challenge for a blockchain project depends on how the service is scaled. It is highly promising for market participants to conduct business planning on using the blockchain that already have a large user base like LINE. Thus, it is assumed that it will be an effective place to have many projects demonstrate their product or host a company’s MVP.